Give Your Partner The Benefit Of Doubt

If something goes wrong in your household, do you immediately suspect that your partner had been responsible for that? That probably might be true but do not accuse them. First ask them what happened and then react. Before your partner accepts the responsibility of the fault, give them the benefit of doubt. 
 Raffi Bilek, LCSWC

What is Abuse and How to Deal with Abusers

What Is Abuse And How To Deal With Abusers

Recognizing abuse in a relationship can sometimes be a challenge. Understand what an abusive relationship entails and what you should do help yourself...
Posted by: Darlene Lancer
Understanding Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Understanding Narcissism And Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic behavior can wreak havoc on your relationship. A clear understanding of narcissistic personality disorder and its effect of a marriage is...
Posted by: Darlene Lancer
The Science of Love

The Science Of Love

When we fall in love our brains become hotspots for chemical activity. A range of chemical reactions occurs in the brain when we find that someone special....
Overcoming codependency and shame in relationships

Overcoming Codependency And Shame In Relationships

Codependency can creep up into a marriage unannounced. But recognizing this red flag is not easy. Identify signs of codependency and shame in a relationship...
Posted by: Darlene Lancer
Meditation for forgiveness

Meditation For Forgiveness

There is latent shame behind the anger and stress you experience. You need to let go of this shame in order to live your life to the fullest. Release shame...
Posted by: Eileen Fein
Meditation with Experience Sharing - Pathway to Healthy Relationship

Meditation With Experience Sharing - Pathway To Healthy Relationship

Sharing experience is an important part of any healthy relationship. In this guided Breathwork meditation you will use your breath to break through resentments...
Posted by: Eileen Fein
Meditation for Renewing Love in Relationships

Meditation For Renewing Love In Relationships

In this guided Breathwork meditation you will use the power of your breath to breakthrough resentments and renew the love you have as a couple.
Posted by: Eileen Fein
Meditation For Creating Intimacy

Meditation For Creating Intimacy

Intimacy is the closeness shared between couples that strengthens their relationship. But, with roadblocks such as arguments, followed by anger and resentment,...
Posted by: Eileen Fein
How To Keep Intimacy Alive When Your Relationship Is On The Rocks

How To Keep Intimacy Alive When Your Relationship Is On The Rocks

Keeping intimacy alive when your relationship is going through a rough patch can be difficult. In this video check out 3 simple ways to reignite intimacy...
Posted by: Crystal Rice
Exploring the dangers of pornography

Exploring The Dangers Of Pornography

Pornography has a significant impact on individuals and on couple relationships. This video explores this impact from a clinical point of view, while addressing...
Posted by: Eric Gomez
The Effects of Emotional Reactivity on Relationships

The Effects Of Emotional Reactivity On Relationships

Emotional reactivity can do great damage to dating or marital partnership. This video explores the importance of slowing ourselves down emotionally by...
Posted by: Eric Gomez
Four Tips for a Healthy Relationship

Four Tips For A Healthy Relationship

How can you maintain a healthy and happy relationship with your partner? If you feel bored within your relationship, then that is a sign that you need...
Posted by: Malyka Cardwell


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