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Raffi Bilek, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker | Verified Licensed Clinical Social Worker Claimed

Raffi Bilek, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Baltimore, MD


Raffi Bilek, LCSW-C is the Director of the Baltimore Therapy Center
where he works with individuals, couples, and families in person and online. His areas of specialization include infidelity, communication issues, domestic violence, and dating. Check out his quick Relationship Tips video series at
Raffi Bilek is also listed in Best Marriage Therapists in Baltimore

Licensing & Certifications:

  • Licensed
  • License State: Maryland
  • License Number: 19558, received

Language(s) Spoken:

  • English

My Articles

How In-laws Can Support a Marriage


How In-laws Can Support a Marriage

Adam and Eve represent the archetypal married couple, the ideal, happy pair who weathered adversity together and remained married for their entire long ...

My Videos

Communication is the key to a good relationship

Communication Is The Key To A Good Relationship

Communication is very important for a relationship. It helps the partners to understand each other better. Communication is effective only when correct...
Acknowledge your mistakes for a healthy relationship

Acknowledge Your Mistakes For A Healthy Relationship

When your partner complains about a mistake that you had made, accept it and apologize for it. Do not try to defend yourself by accusing them back for...
Ask your partner before ranting or whining

Ask Your Partner Before Ranting Or Whining

When you have had a bad day and want to rant and whine about it to your spouse, ask them first. It is not reasonable to start whining straight away. They...
Give your partner the benefit of doubt

Give Your Partner The Benefit Of Doubt

If something goes wrong in your household, do you immediately suspect that your partner had been responsible for that? That probably might be true but...
Make space for apologies in a relationship

Make Space For Apologies In A Relationship

If your partner commits a mistake and comes to you to apologize then, you should be amicable and warm. You should show them that their apology made you...
Don't tell your partner what they should have done

Don't Tell Your Partner What They Should Have Done

When your partner shares something that had not been pleasant for them, lend a sympathetic ear. Validate their problems. Don't tell them what they...
Pass on information to your partner only when they are ready

Pass On Information To Your Partner Only When They Are Ready

If you have to tell your partner something important, then always ask them if they are ready to register it. In case, they are already busy with something...
We statements can cause problems in your relationship

We Statements Can Cause Problems In Your Relationship

When you want your partner to do something, then tell them that specifically. Don't say "we will do that thing". It can give them a false...
Praise your partner to improve your relationship

Praise Your Partner To Improve Your Relationship

If you find your partner making deliberate efforts to make your relationship better, you should appreciate them. This will encourage them to continue making...
Don't try to minimize the favors of your spouse

Don't Try To Minimize The Favors Of Your Spouse

At dinner time when your partner gets up from the table to fetch something, have you ever asked them "while they are up" if they can get something...
Ask before making a suggestion to your partner

Ask Before Making A Suggestion To Your Partner

When you find your partner struggling with something, you immediately try and think of a solution. You might even get an idea that can really help them....
Stop before reacting to minor offences in a relationship

Stop Before Reacting To Minor Offences In A Relationship

There must be something that your spouse does that bothers or annoys you. But is that thing that big a deal that you drag your relationship through the...
Don't get mad at your partner for being tired

Don't Get Mad At Your Partner For Being Tired

We all get tired sometimes and mostly not on purpose. Exertion makes our body tired and there is nothing we can really do about that. If your partner tells...
Just listening can help you improve your relationship

Just Listening Can Help You Improve Your Relationship

When your partner shares a problem with you ask them explicitly if they want a solution. If they don't  want solution just lend a sympathetic...
Feel the burn to grow in relationships

Feel The Burn To Grow In Relationships

When you want to improve your body, you exercise and you feel the burn. Similarly in relationships if you want to grow you have to feel the pain. When...
Don't exude you anger on your loved ones

Don't Exude You Anger On Your Loved Ones

Exuding anger and frustration can cause stress in relationships. When something makes you mad or bothers you, don't exude your mood on people around...
What should you do when you are upset with your spouse?

What Should You Do When You Are Upset With Your Spouse?

"It's okay to be upset - but don't let it spill out onto your spouse! Whenever you feel upset about anything, instead of refusing to acknowledge...
Effects of Male-Female Perspectives on Relationships

Effects Of Male-Female Perspectives On Relationships

There is a massive gap between general male-female perspectives. Women like to talk about problems not necessarily seeking a solution. Whereas men talk...
Don't let your mood affect your relationship

Don't Let Your Mood Affect Your Relationship

When you are are annoyed about something and are in a bad mood, do not dump this negativity in your relationship. Tell your partner the reason of your...
How gender generalization can help relationships

How Gender Generalization Can Help Relationships

Expert Raffi Bilek talks about gender generalization and explains how men are goal oriented and women are process oriented. This is a major generalization...
When something upsets you let your partner know

When Something Upsets You Let Your Partner Know

Sometimes we get mad at our partners and expect them to know what has been bothering us. Well in most cases, our partners are unaware of the reason. We...
When you're angry, remember goods things about your spouse

When You're Angry, Remember Goods Things About Your Spouse

Do you get angry when your partner commits errors? But at that time if you remember good things about them, it can help you cool off. This practice can...
Keeping scores is unhealthy for a relationship

Keeping Scores Is Unhealthy For A Relationship

Marriage is not a competition and keeping scores is certainly not good for a relationship. Don't count the number of times each partner does a chore....
Say thank you often in your marriage

Say Thank You Often In Your Marriage

Common belief is that the word 'Thank You' is unnecessary in close relationships. However this is far from the truth. This word is essential for...
When your spouse makes a mistake - what do you do?

When Your Spouse Makes A Mistake - What Do You Do?

What should you do when your partner makes a mistake that you would never make? Say, your partner forgets to keep their plates on the sink that you could...
Could I have made this mistake in my marriage?

Could I Have Made This Mistake In My Marriage?

When your partner commits a minor error like spilling coffee on the table or misplacing keys or bills, don't get mad. Everybody makes mistakes and...
Avoid 'Kitchen Sinking' During Relationship Conflicts

Avoid 'Kitchen Sinking' During Relationship Conflicts

Most couples when they get into an argument; instead of solving the problem, they often try to "win" over. They dig out old issues of conflicts,...
Sometimes just listen to your partner

Sometimes Just Listen To Your Partner

Women are expressive and feel good when they share their problem with their partners. However sharing does not mean that they are seeking for a solution....
Yelling never helps in any relationship

Yelling Never Helps In Any Relationship

Regardless of whether it is your spouse or your children, stop and think before you are tempted to yell at anyone, about anything. Take your time, cool...

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