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Silvana Mici, Coach in Tepelene,


With a rich background in Counseling Psychology and Pedagogy, I am a licensed psychologist and certified coach dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to a fulfilling lifestyle. My passion lies in facilitating transformative change, equipping clients with the tools to conquer personal and relational challenges. As a researcher and writer, I bring evidence-based insights to my dynamic approach.
Through my holistic practice, I provide tailored individual therapy, nurturing growth and self-awareness. Additionally, my expertise extends to relationship and couples therapy, fostering open communication and intimacy. By orchestrating group therapy sessions, I create a supportive community where individuals can connect and learn from one another.
My mission centers on helping clients realize their aspirations and navigate life's complexities. Through collaborative exploration and skill-building, I empower individuals to achieve their desired goals and cultivate success in all aspects of their lives. I am also in process of my psychotherapy training.

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"Mustafa Matohiti" Street, Tepelene,
Tepelene Albania 6301