Michael E Keesler, PhD
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Michael E Keesler, PhD, Psychologist in Philadelphia, PA


Michael Keesler, JD, PhD, is a graduate of Drexel University who completed his APA Internship at UNC Chapel Hill and his neuropsychology fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. Since completing his training, Dr. Keesler has divided his time between neuropsychological assessment and individual psychotherapy, with many therapy patients being survivors of brain injury or living with progressive neurological illness. He also teaches for Drexel Psychology, regularly publishes on topics relevant to neuropsychology, and remains involved in various organizations and outreach efforts. Dr. Keesler owns and operates Fox and Ferns Mental Health, based in the Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia.

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Marriage and Relationships after Traumatic Brain Injury

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Marriage and Relationships after Traumatic Brain Injury

Long term relationships and marriage are marked by challenges and even threats to the partnership. After all, there is a reason that in sickness and in ...