How to Choose the Right Music for Your Wedding Day

 How to Choose the Right Music for Your Wedding Day

If there is one thing that makes a wedding day special, it’s having great music played at various points along the way. Whether it’s the song being played while guests are taking their seats or the one you and your new husband dance to at the end of the day, choosing the right music can make your wedding ceremony one to remember.

But as with other aspects of the wedding ceremony, plenty of thought needs to go into deciding on the songs for your perfect day.

Here are some points to keep in mind:                               

1. Prelude


Naturally, as your guests are arriving and being seated, you’ll want to have beautiful music playing to set the mood prior to the ceremony. Since there is always plenty of hustle and bustle at this point in the day, people will be glad to see one another and will be talking quite a bit while this music is playing. Therefore, it’s important to take this into consideration, and be careful to not choose any selections that may be too intrusive. For most Los Angeles weddings, light classical music is preferred. If you’re in attendance at many wedding venues in Los Angeles, you’ll likely hear selections such as Arioso from Bach or Ave Maria by Schubert, which are usually being played on guitar or piano.

2. Pre-Processional

Now that everyone is seated and the ceremony is about to begin, having some pre-processional music can add a nice touch at luxury wedding venues. Although it’s not required at all weddings, it makes the ceremony even more special for the bride and groom. If you choose to have pre-processional music, choose songs that flow easily into the next part of the ceremony. At many weddings, the Roberta Flack song The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face is a popular choice.

3. Processional

As the bridesmaids, flower girls, the bride, and her father make their way down the aisle, the music played here is the perfect way to showcase the musical tastes you as a couple prefer. Unlike some other music on your wedding day, the venue at which your wedding is held plays a big part in determining your choice. At most wedding venues in Los Angeles, processional songs being performed include Clair de Lune or The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel.

4. Register Signing

Register Signing

Once you’ve said your vows to one another, the signing of the register is next on the list. Usually taking about 10 minutes, it’s a rather short part of your wedding day, yet still provides an excellent opportunity to play wonderful music. Just as with the prelude, be sure you choose something that does not detract from the recessional music that’s playing as the two of you leave the church. While the choice is up to you, most weddings usually have a soloist singing such songs as God Only Knows by the Beach Boys or The Prayer by Josh Groban and Charlotte Church.

5. Recessional

Since this marks the official end of the ceremony, the recessional music should be very happy and upbeat. After all, you and your best friend are now husband and wife, your family and friends will be crying tears of joy, and everyone is now looking forward to the fun that will follow at the reception. To make sure you kick it up a notch, make sure you don’t select slow, romantic tunes for this part of your day. Instead, choose songs that will get you, your spouse, and everyone in attendance inspired and ready for a good time. For a guaranteed good time, choose such songs as spring by Vivaldi or Natalie Cole’s hit This Will Be (An Everlasting Love).

6. Reception

Once the reception begins, you’ll need some background music as people start to unwind. With this music, it’s very important to match it to the venue where your wedding was held. For many Los Angeles weddings, a variety of music is often chosen for this part of the day. For those ceremonies held in luxury wedding venues, classical music is considered the best choice. If you really want to get your reception off to a great start, choose a classical number such as Cantata No. 208 by Bach or something more modern like Michael Buble’s everything.

7. First Dance

First Dance

Without a doubt, more thought goes into the first dance song than probably any other song on your wedding day. Even if the two of you don’t have a song that’s all yours, don’t worry. By looking at the vast array of songs and paying particular attention to the lyrics, chances are you’ll find the perfect song to use for your first dance. Since you’ll be having a nice, slow dance to this song, make sure you choose one that will be perfect for the occasion, such as Kissing You by Des’Ree or A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.

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