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  • How to Make Time for Your Personal Hobbies When Married

    How to Make Time for Your Personal Hobbies When Married

    How to Make Time for Your Personal Hobbies When Married

    Having a hobby is important to many of us. Without a hobby to fall back on, many of us find ourselves succumbing far too often to boredom. When you’re married, your life is no longer an individual venture; you must now divide your time and attention between you and your partner.  

    1. Encourage your spouse with their hobbies

    It is much easier to find time to pursue your hobbies if your partner is doing the same. Many couples will have met through a shared hobby or interest, so sometimes it is natural to include one another. However, where you and your spouse don’t have a shared hobby, you should encourage them to find one of their own. You can always invite them to join you, of course, but some couples find the time apart valuable, and some individuals find that they need a little solitude in their lives. Speaking of which…

    2. Don’t be afraid to spend time apart

    It is only natural to want to spend as much time as possible with your spouse, especially when you are just married. But it is important to recognize the value of spending time apart from one another. It will also be of great value to both of you to have an activity or pursuit you can go to when either of you needs some time alone. If you and your spouse argue (and even the best couples do), it can help a lot if you each have a hobby you can turn to as a way of calming down.

    3. Be respectful

    For many people, their hobbies are an important part of their life and identity; they can even be the basis of a career. A person’s hobby can, therefore, be something that is very important to them. However, if your hobby is very important to you, and you want your spouse to be respectful of that, you must also be respectful of their wishes and interests. Make sure that you aren’t prioritizing your hobby over other commitments to your spouse and that you treat their interests with the respect you wish for.

    4. Be honest

    You should never be sneaking off to pursue your hobby in secret. If you are doing this, it will inevitably require you to lie to or mislead your spouse. You should always be honest with your partner, especially when it comes to your interests and passions, and how you spend your time. Fostering trust is a crucial part of any relationship and you should take any opportunity to strengthen it. Being open and honest about your hobby is an easy way of contributing to this.

    Be honest

    5. Prioritize

    Another crucial component of any successful and long-term relationship is the ability to prioritize. If you consider your hobby to be a major part of your life, make sure that your spouse understands this. As long as you show that you are willing and able to prioritize your time, your partner will find it easy to be supportive.

    When you are married, you will often find that you don’t have as much free time to pursue your own interests. However, as long as you are considerate and honest with your spouse, you should find it relatively simple to make the time for your hobby.

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