Meditation Can Help Improve Your Relationships

Meditation helps relationships

We have become human doings not human beings.  Our daily goals often seem to be how much can we get done in one day.  We pack as much as possible in our “to do” lists to accomplish, we lose touch in being a human being, connecting with our partners, families and important people in our lives.  

We are overly connected electronically to our technology; computers, iPads, watches, cell phones and televisions now dominate our lives.  Facebook, emails, texts, Instagram and Twitter are often our go to method to stay connected.

Can our relationships be improved with meditation? Here are some benefits of meditation.

Becoming more ‘present’

So how can we become more “present” and connected to our loved ones? How can we feel more alive and be aware of life’s current moments and experiences? One sure way to be mindful in our daily lives is through meditation.  

Through meditation, we can connect and appreciate our existence.  Alone or meditation with others allows us to find beauty in the moment.  It is truly an art of training your awareness. Through self-reflective practices we become less reactive and more aware of our emotions and body sensations.  This “state of being” is a wonderful place to connect with the people in our lives.

Meditation benefits

Daily meditation practices have been proven to help manage stress, anger and let go of our defenses. When we attain a calm place in our lives, we are able to be less reactive and then communicate and listen more effectively in relationships. We gain internal clarity and patience becomes more easily attainable to help in our daily challenges. When we are more aware of ourselves through this practice our relationships benefit.  We are better equip to identify and describe our feelings calmly.  We are less anxious dealing with our loved ones.  We become better at self regulating our negative emotions.  Being more balanced and in control of our emotions is extremely beneficial to our partners.  Imagine regulating our expressions of anger and not responding strongly to daily stress.  It’s a win win for everyone!

Meditation is a practice.  There is no “right” way to meditate.

It truly is whatever practice resonates best for you!  Some possibilities involve lying down or sitting in a chair or on the floor.  You can keep your eyes open or closed.  Walking silently outside in nature or moving silently around the room.  Some people prefer guided meditations guided meditations offered on the Internet, YouTube or on an app.  A meditation practice of focusing on your breath or repeating a mantra or statement is yet another possibility.  Truly whatever method resonates for you and assists you in looking inside yourself and connecting with your needs and wants is a good practice.

Consider how wonderful our relationships can be by bringing meditation into our daily lives.  We can return to being a human being and stay present to all life’s wonderful moments!

Amy Wohl
Counselor, LMSW, CPT
Amy is a nurturer, cheerleader, coach and strong motivator inspiring those seeking clarity and improvement in their lives. She specializes in working with adolescents, women and couples of all ages. She helps them make plans, overcome barriers and achieve results with kindness, understanding, compassion and empathy. Her aim is to help individuals focus on a more productive and positive future.

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