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  • 6 keys to recognizing what it means to love unconditionally

    5 Keys to Recognizing What It Means to Love Unconditionally

    5 keys to recognizing what it means to love unconditionally

    To love unconditionally is to love selflessly without expecting anything in return. Most people would say that it is a myth and that a love like that does not exist. However, it does happen in reality, in the form of a commitment to someone who may not be perfect. If you love someone unconditionally, you overlook their flaws and don’t expect any benefits from the relationship. Nothing can stand in the way of a lover who loves with all his heart and cares about the happiness of another person. It is a kind of love that is so different from what most people know – the essence of true love. And trust me, this is not cliched.

    This kind of love exists, and we might feel unconditional love towards someone without even being aware of it. Keep reading to understand what it means to love unconditionally.

    1. You believe in the good that they possess

    It’s easy to look at the negative side of everything, but our heart makes exceptions when it comes to those who matter. That’s why you give second chances. When you know the very worst in someone, but you still believe in the good that they possess, that’s true love. Your love is so unconditional that you don’t think twice before forgiving them for something they have done. That’s because when love is unconditional, you do not judge or give up on someone you care for. And unlike how the society sees that person, you see beyond the outward flaws and focus on what’s on the inside.

    2. It involves sacrifices

    Unconditional love is anything but easy. It involves a lot of sacrifices. Loving unconditionally is probably one of the bravest things to do because you don’t question your decision ever. You are ready to do something for someone, even if that means you lose something precious of your own. It takes courage to sacrifice a desire for a relationship. Sometimes, you might go as far as taking the blame for it or putting your self-worth and respect at risk. And why do you do it? Only to see them happy.

    3. Only the best for the beloved

    We want to see our loved ones happy. When you love someone unconditionally, you start believing that they deserve only the best. So, you do everything in your ability to get them what they rightfully deserve according to you.

    Loving unconditionally comes with selflessness – you start thinking about how to help your partner. It leaves you with an ultimate desire to see your loved ones flourish and find contentment in what they do. You love them wholeheartedly and try to share every happiness with them. You are upset when they are not in the best form and happy when they are happy.

    Loving unconditionally comes with selflessness

    4. It is a deep feeling that can’t be seen, only felt

    Wholehearted love is not something that can be seen. You simply share your heart with a person and let them bask in the affection you have for them. You may be shy to the rest of the world, but when it comes to your loved one, you let your guard down and are vulnerable and honest about your feelings. Even if it’s unrequited, you don’t care because when your love is selfless, you are only concerned about giving and not about receiving.

    When you experience negative emotions like anger, frustration, or are hurt by them, you continue to love them the same. No hardship can diminish the love you have for them in your heart.

    5. You love their imperfections

    They may not be perfect to others, but to you, they are. You forgive all their mistakes and accept every flaw. To love someone unconditionally means that you acknowledge their mistakes and believe that they can change. You love things about them that not everyone can see. Usually, it’s extremely hard to forgive someone who caused you pain. But in this case, you let it go. You open up your heart to the person instead of protecting yourself. No matter what happens, you will find yourself fighting for the relationship.

    This is what unconditional love means. Even though it puts you in a vulnerable position and can hurt you, you do not stop loving. You may have unconditional love for your mother, a close friend, a sibling, your baby, or your spouse. In some cases, it is reciprocated, but at the end of the day, it’s a lasting commitment you give to another person. A commitment to never stop loving him/her, to always think of him/her before yourself, to always be by his/her side no matter what, and to understand him/her in every situation. This is the beautiful journey of loving unconditionally. This kind of love truly is magical.  And worth every little pain it may give you.


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