Legal Advice on Marriage

Legal advice on marriage
Are you planning to finally tie the knot? Or have you reached a place where your marriage isn’t going to survive and you need to know your options? Are you looking for ways to protect your family and assets along the way?

We have created an assortment of articles, procedures and processes to assist you with understanding the laws related to marriage and divorce and important factors to consider from pre to post marriage. The information is intended to educate, inform and guide you. If you need additional information or guidance related to marriage or divorce, it is our recommendation that you seek the advice of a qualified family lawyer.

Marriage Law

Getting married is a life-changing event. As far as the legal world is concerned, marriage has nothing to do with 'soulmates' or 'fairy tale' propositions. From same-sex marriages to civil union laws in different states and property laws and prenuptial agreements, there is a lot to know.

Civil unions are considered to be the same or almost equal to that of a marriage with a legal relationship...

There are couples that wish to have legally recognized relationships other than a marriage.

Cohabitation is an arrangement in which couples who are in a relationship but are not legally married live together in one residence.

There are times when couples have the commitment of a legal marriage, but aren't concerned...

Marriage was not restricted by age in the U.S. and was left to local customs and parental concerns.

Once you have taken the plunge and your marriage has been legally bound, getting a copy of the document...

Your wedding day is approaching and the days leading up to the occasion are filled with excitement and anxiety.

A marriage license is a document that is often required when two individuals intend to get married.

Premarital agreements (also called prenuptial agreements or "prenups") are a common legal step...

A same-sex marriage is one that involves the marrying of two individuals who are the same gender...

Family Law

Find useful information on a variety of marriage laws such as name change after marriage, marriage rights and benefits, marriage and health insurance, adoption laws, wills and many more. Navigate through the many legal aspects and get answers to questions on marriage and taxes, joint bank accounts, blended families, asset protection and many more.

Read and find a number of resources on adoption procedures across the globe.

Child abuse is physical, emotional ill treatment, sexual abuse, negligence and other forms of exploitation of children that...

Domestic violence and abuse impacts a large segment of the population and presents a serious social, economic...

Devising an estate plan will help you manage your property efficiently, protect your family's and your own interests.

Securing a life insurance for your near and dear ones is of great importance.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, on any given day, over 415,000 children are living in...

Learn how marriage affects taxes. Most often this is the furthest thing from our minds during the wedding.

Congratulations on getting married!! Are you ready to change your last name now?

A postnup agreement is a legal contract signed after a couple gets into a civil union or marriage.

Divorce Laws

Also called the "dissolution of marriage," divorce is a legal process in which a judge or any other person of authority terminates a marriage. The successful completion of this process restores both partners back to the single status and permits them to re-marry other individuals, if they want.

Alimony, also called spousal support or maintenance is a payment that one spouse has to make to the other after getting a divorce.

For children, divorce can be an extremely stressful and sad time. At any age, children may feel vulnerable.

Discovery is the legal process for gathering information necessary for the divorce process.

Making the decision to divorce is the most important step in any divorce.

Legal separation also called "judicial separation" is a legal process by which a married couple...

Going through a divorce in court can be a very frustrating and costly process.So it should not be surprising that...

When you are married, chances are good that during the marriage, you and your spouse will obtain items, property, assets, and...

When it comes to legal documents, there are laws that require that parties involved...

In every state, married couples terminate their marriage through the legal process of divorce or ‘dissolution of marriage’ in statutes.

A temporary restraining order (TRO) or temporary protective order is a court order signed by a judge.