Emotional Intimacy in Marriage

What Does It Take to Strengthen Emotional Intimacy in a Marriage

What Does It Take to Strengthen Emotional Intimacy in a Marriage?

The couple that you think of as the ideal couple may have something very special that makes them the “it” …

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Stress decreases libido, and sexual performance, it reduces your health and wellbeing

5 Ways to Avoid Emotional Intimacy Issues in Your Marriage

Everyone desires to be in a relationship where their partner loves and cherish them just as much as they do. …

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Craving Emotional Intimacy

Craving Emotional Intimacy? How to Make Sure You Are Getting Enough

One of the most frequent reasons couples seek marriage therapy is a sense that they are drifting apart.  “We just …

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Before Starting a Relationship

6 Emotional Intimacy Exercises for Couples to Help You Connect

There is a seemingly strange, but very powerful notion that not having sex can be a profound emotional intimacy exercise …

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The 5 Best Non-Sexual Yet Intimate Ways to Keep Your Marriage Healthy

5 Best Non-Sexual Ways to Keep Your Marriage Healthy

Finding what works for your marriage requires time and commitment. You might have read and heard various tips, especially of …

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If you have a physical relationship with a person you are emotionally attached with, it is bound to work its magic

How to Improve Intimacy with Your Husband?

A strong relationship is what most of us crave for. To have a sense of belonging and to have a …

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You must keep realistic expectations from your spouse and not fantasize him to be Prince Charming

4 Effective Tips for Repairing Emotional Intimacy

Two factors contribute significantly to the success of a relationship; physical intimacy and emotional intimacy. A lack of emotional intimacy …

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