Improve Marriage Communication

Compromise Not Sacrifice in communication

Compromise Not Sacrifice: The 4 A’s Approach to Communication

There are different viewpoints when it comes to compromise within marriage. Some therapists interpret compromise as settling, however, my perception is …

By Myrna Thurmond-Malone

Pastoral Psychotherapist| 6  min read

Respectful Communication Through Tough Moments

Respectful Communication Through Tough Moments

All couples experience moments or periods when their communication focuses more on “who’s right” instead of “how can we understand …

By Miriam Davis

Therapist, LMFT| 3  min read

Can a Rebound Relationship Work What Are the Odds

6 Ways to Cultivate Effective Relationship Communication Skills

Communication is said to be a vital part of any relationship, be it an intimate relationship or the one with …

4  min read

How To Spot and Avoid 3 Common Relationship Communication Problems

How To Spot and Avoid 3 Common Relationship Communication Problems

Relationship communication problems are nothing new. In fact, they probably occur in almost all relationships unless you have been smart …

6  min read

Having an effective communication is crucial in marriage

Six Tips For Solid Communication in Couples

Relationships involve some of life’s most profound challenges and while we acknowledge that several factors contribute to the success of …

4  min read

There should be nothing you cannot talk about

The Five C’s – 5 Keys to Communication for Couples

In the twenty-five years, I’ve been working with couples, I can say with confidence that most of them show up …

By Melanie Wells

Counselor, LPC, LMFT| 4  min read

Making up with your spouse after a misunderstanding often takes a conscious decision

Emotional Communication Is Paramount to Successful Marriage

What if you wake up one day and find out that you can have access to concrete steps that can …

4  min read

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