Improve Marriage Communication

Communication – Your Marriage Relies on It

Marriage is the quintessential mirror of who you are. All relationships are representative of your ability to connect and share …

By Chiara Marrapodi

Therapist| 3  min read

12 Ways to Have an Intimate Conversation with Your Significant Other

Relationships are not simply about being physically intimate; they are a lot more that involve love, trust, respect, and commitment. …

3  min read

Acting responsible and taking ownership of your words and actions is another feature that ensures emotional safety

Adopting Non Violent Communication in Relationships

“We need to improve our communication,” she says. “I think we communicate just fine,” he says. It is not uncommon …

By Chrissy Fraser

Marriage & Family Therapist| 3  min read

Communication is the key to a successful relationship.

An Important Caveat of Marriage Communication – Ask, Never Assume

When life presents us with competing priorities and obligations, the effectiveness of communication in marriage tends to be the first …

By Haleh Gianni

Life & Relationship Coach, CPC| 4  min read

Compromise Not Sacrifice in communication

Compromise Not Sacrifice: The 4 A’s Approach to Communication

There are different viewpoints when it comes to compromise within marriage. Some therapists interpret compromise as settling, however, my perception is …

By Myrna Thurmond-Malone

Pastoral Psychotherapist| 6  min read

Respectful Communication Through Tough Moments

Respectful Communication Through Tough Moments

All couples experience moments or periods when their communication focuses more on “who’s right” instead of “how can we understand …

By Miriam Davis

Therapist, LMFT| 3  min read

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