Every marital relationship goes through phases. Relationships demand work and are likely to face challenges big and small. Simple, everyday stresses can strain a relationship, and unresolved issues can threaten the stability of any marriage. But as long as partners are willing to address concerns and willing to develop a solution, most relationship problems can be surmounted. Develop good habits and practices to strengthen your relationship & communicate wisely to ensure marital fitness.


The Rebound Relationship

A relationship is considered a “rebound relationship” when the person enters into it closely following the breakup of a previous …
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Married Life in 10 Photos

In this age of memes, we have found ten photos that embody the good and bad of married life. While …

Building a Good Relationship

Every relationship is a function of how the partners see it. In my experience working with couples, it is always …
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Red Flags in a Relationship

All relationships have their stumbling blocks.  And that’s a good thing!  How you and your partner resolve conflict is an …
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Equality in Relationships

Equality is such a well used word in the English Language. We are all searching for equality in every aspect …
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Relationship Maintenance 101

Maintaining a satisfying, supportive long-term relationship requires serious skills. And like any activity that requires serious skills, it can be …

Marriage is Wonderful

Marriage is wonderful, and sometimes it’s not. Have you ever seen a tornado? In the movies or in person? It …

Relationship Aches

Relationships often emulate roller-coasters of emotions – soaring sparks of exhilaration and trepidation, punctuated by bliss and heartache. Commonly, we …

Maturing Through Marriage

After nearly three decades of fighting for marriages as a licensed therapist, as well as watching those who have gained …

Notes to Newlyweds

Ideally, people get married with the expectation of growing old together or being together until “death due us part”. Love, …

5 Lies About Good Marriages

Lots of the conventional wisdom about marriage is simply untrue. Well, some of these may be true for some marriages, …

How to Respect Your Spouse

We all know that solid relationships are built on mutual respect.  Not all of us, however, actively attempt to send …

7 Keys to a Healthy Marriage

Couples who evaluate the health of their relationship regularly tend to thrive better than other couples who do not engage …