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In an age of crumbling relationships, what is that one crucial ingredient that makes a marriage successful? How hard is it to make it work? Do you have to be married to be with your partner? Is marriage important? Is…

Setup Instructions for v2.25

Welcome to Launch Effect Premium v2.25! Launch Effect Premium lets you create and customize an entire website at the click of a few buttons. Version 2.25 includes some important stability fixes and speed improvements, tweaks to the theme’s responsive styling,…

Get Into Wedding Season Mood With The Vow (now on DVD)

The Vow is a romantic drama based on a true story. Husband Leo (Channing Tatum) is faced with unthinkable heartache when his wife, Paige (Rachel McAdams), recovers from an accident without her memory of their relationship. Not your typical straight-to-the-punch romance,The…

Online Wedding Planner

Want to chat online with real wedding experts like on the video? Check out Pink Cloud 9!

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