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A healthy sex life is an expression of love between partners that is passionate, fun, and respectful. But things aren't always that way! Emotional intimacy can fall away and a couple’s sex life may dwindle, leaving them wondering how to restore the romance. That’s where your sex and intimacy guest post comes in!

In order to build a secure future together, couples need resources to ensure their relationship stays strong and healthy.

We invite you to submit your guest post on sex and intimacy that will help couples all around the world learn how to navigate challenges related to sex and intimacy in their relationships.

What we may require from you

Before you start writing, please go through this page. Your content stands a good chance of being published here, when you:

  • Help partners strengthen their marriage by learning to deepen the bond of emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Write true experiences about sex and intimacy and share how they change throughout a marriage.
  • Promote the benefits of a deep intimate connection between partners and share with our readers what makes a healthy, satisfying sex life.

Write for us guests post on sex and intimacy. If you are dating, married, or divorced, we’re looking to hear about your experience. We are happy to accept articles from specialists such as sexual therapists, doctors, marital counselors, and other professionals who can share their experience about sex and intimacy.

Sex and intimacy topics may include

Talking about the subject of sex and intimacy, your sex and intimacy blog can have one or more points mentioned here:

  • Frame sex and intimacy in a positive and realistic light to our readers.
  • Teach couples the importance of a healthy, loving sex life in their marriages.
  • Give helpful advice about what to do when emotional or physical intimacy is lacking in a relationship.
  • Play the integral role of an expert guide to people who want to deepen intimacy in their relationships.
  • Improve the way couples look at sex and the challenges that love brings into their lives.

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Editorial guidelines

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  • We encourage you to include link(s) to the statistic(s) and studies. We are a highly trusted site and these citations help establishing credibility, always.
  • To make the article more scannable, please include subheads. You can italicize, bold or underline to give emphasis.
  • Please be sure that the title of the article does not exceed 65 characters and each paragraph should ideally be around 150-200 words.
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Please only inquire with us if you are SERIOUS about sending a quality blog post.

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