Would I Be a Good Girlfriend?

10 Questions
Would I Be a Good Girlfriend?
If you are single, you may be longing for a partner. Whether you have never had a partner before, or you have gone through a learning path because you made significant changes in your life, you may be wondering if you would make a good girlfriend to your future partner. Take this - Would I be a good girlfriend quiz and find out. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. If your partner had a free time, you would:

A. Like that your partner spends it with you and your friends

B. Get mad if your partner spends it with their friends

C. Do not mind that your partner spends all of it without you

D. Very much like to be with your partner wherever they go

2. Which of these things is important for you to have in common with your partner:

A. Love towards yourself

B. Everyday priorities

C. The circle of friends and people you hang out with

D. Shared values

3. You would very much like to know:

A. Who your partner texted during the day

B. How your partner spent the day

C. If your partner remembers all the smallest details of your relationship

D. Why has your partner not answered your call

4. What is your attitude towards meeting your partner’s family?

A. You gladly join them when your partner invites you for dinner

B. You are not at all interested in meeting them

C. You cannot wait to meet them as soon as possible

D. You are not so eager to hang out with his family, but you would rather that he hangs out with yours

5. When it comes to the taste in music:

A. You have your favorites but you are in general open to discovering new things

B. You instantly have to like everything your partner likes

C. Your partner has to like everything that you like

D. You do not care about your partner’s taste in music as long as you get to listen to what you feel like

6. Whether you study or work, the important thing is:

A. That your partner is always eager to contribute to your success

B. That you and your partner do each of their own part of hard work, but in a complimentary way

C. That you subordinate everything to contribute to your partner’s success

D. That your partner does exactly what you tell them to do

7. When you are in the bad mood:

A. Your well-being completely depends on your partner

B. It is the only thing you can focus on

C. You always talk about the reasons for that behind your partner

D. You put all the blame onto your partner

8. When choosing a partner, the most important thing to you is:

A. How much money do they earn

B. Every single detail about them

C. How much they can contribute to your needs

D. Your partner’s personality

9. When it comes to your partner’s imperfections:

A. You are ready to accept them as they are

B. You tend to complain about it behind your partner’s back

C. You think that you are superior to him/her

D. You think that you can change your partner to what you believe is better

10. When thinking about your body image:

A. You need others to reassure you that you look just fine

B. You believe that your body is fine as it is

C. You always compare your looks to how other girls look like

D. You focus on your body’s supposed flaws

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