What Is Your Child's Love Language Quiz

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What Is Your Childu2019s Love Language Quiz
All children are different and have different traits. Some are learned behaviors, some result from environmental factors, and some are hereditary, amongst other things. With that, all children require different types of nurturing and affection based on their behaviors and needs. Do you know what is your child’s love language? It is important to tune in to your children’s wants and needs to Read more determine how to best communicate with them and learn which methods of communication work best for them. These methods of communication, or the ways we communicate to our children to show love and support, can also be known as their love language. rnDo you know your child’s love language? Take this quiz to find out. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Which would your child be most excited about?

A. Cuddling up for a movie night

B. Receiving a special gift

C. A cute note in their lunchbox

D. A thoughtful gesture just from you to them

2. Which of these would upset your child the most?

A. A spank/slap

B. Never getting your child something they ask for

C. Insults

D. You not listening to them or helping them with things

3. Which of these best describes how your child feels about affection from others?

A. My child prefers hugs and kisses

B. My child prefers rewards or gifts over physical and verbal affection

C. My child would rather verbal praise/reassurance over physical affection

D. My child will seek guidance with a new skill or doing school work

4. How does your child express love and affection to others?

A. Hugs and cuddles

B. Thoughtful gifts

C. Affectionate words and affirmations

D. Thoughtful gestures or acts of service

5. Does your child crave verbal praise from you?

A. Rarely

B. No

C. Yes, all the time

D. Sometimes

6. Does your child crave physical affection from you, such as hugs or kisses?

A. Yes, all the time

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. I don’t know

7. Does your child crave affectionate words and affirmations from you?

A. Rarely

B. No

C. Yes, always

D. Sometimes

8. Does your child crave thoughtful gestures from you?

A. Rarely

B. Sometimes

C. No

D. Yes, always

9. Does your child work hard to seek out your attention and approval?

A. Rarely

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. Yes

10. Does your child seek compliments on their physical appearance?

A. Sometimes

B. Rarely

C. Yes

D. No

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