Love Language for Singles

11 Questions | Total Attempts: 21
Love Language for Singles
Love is all around us. It’s in the air we breathe, it’s in the water we drink, and it’s in every book we read. We all know that love is one of the most powerful, life-altering, and life-saving things on this planet. But what if some people give and receive love differently? Take this love language quiz for singles to find out. Can you imagine how many problems would be solved just by Read more understanding how someone else processes love, or more importantly, by recognizing how you process love? It seems that recognizing our partner's preferences can significantly improve our relationship with them. If you want to understand your loved ones even more deeply, although you already love them deeply today, check out this quiz that will guide you to find the best love language! Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel connected to your partner through a hug?

A. Yes

B. Not a big deal

C. Meh, a little

D. Kind of

E. It can be boring if it becomes constant

2. What’s your relationship status?

A. I’m in a relationship

B. I’m single

C. I’m in an open relationship

D. I’m in a friends with benefits situation

E. I’m married

3. It’s more meaningful to me when….

A. My partner and I hug

B. My partner and I make love

C. I received a loving note for no special reason from my partner

D. My partner unexpectedly does something for me like filling my car or doing the laundry

E. I received a gift from my loved one

4. Do you feel happy if your partner compliments you for no apparent reason?

A. Yes, like everyone.

B. I think it's weird

C. I’m not sure

D. Depends on my mood

E. No, because probably it would be fake

5. What would you feel if your partner helped you with a task?

A. Amazed

B. Normal

C. Not a big deal

D. Happy

E. Not sure

6. You are feeling a little down, so you’d really like your partner to:

A. Say, ‘I know it’s hard, and I admire your courage’

B. Come home early to spend a cozy evening with you

C. Offer you a surprise weekend of relaxation

D. Take you in their arms and make you forget it all

E. Not sure

7. Which sentence is more exciting to you?

A. I love you with my whole heart

B. I’m proud of you and always be here for you

C. Honey, do you need some help with anything

D. I have a surprise for you

E. Let’s go out for a romantic dinner

8. What would you feel if your partner told you, “I’m proud of you.”

A. Amazed

B. Normal

C. Not a big deal

D. Happy

E. Not sure

9. In general, you don’t like it when your partner:

A. Criticises what you do

B. Is always thinking about their work or material things (shopping, housework, computer etc.)

C. Never gives you any presents

D. Doesn’t kiss you when entering or leaving the house

E. Not sure

10. Your partner explains that they won’t be dining with you this evening. You:

A. Appreciate the fact that they took the time to discuss it with you

B. Invite some of your friends round for pizza and television

C. Order in a nice meal to compensate for their absence

D. Take that long hot bath you’ve been dreaming about

E. Not sure

11. How do you describe your personality in one sentence?

A. Teenage

B. Young adult

C. Adult

D. Elder

E. I’m taking the quiz for my child

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