Love Language Quiz

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Love Language Quiz
Love language is the way one shows love to their partner, and when they do it in a manner that the other person doesn’t understand, tension appears. Let’s say you have some trouble in your relationship and feel that things are not as they used to be in the beginning – have you ever considered that you really love each other, but simply have different ways of showing it? When your ways of Read more expressing love don’t match, you begin to lose connection and your relationship may start to degrade. Take this quiz to find out if you speak the same love language! Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. For what reasons do you usually touch your partner?

A. Because we enjoy touching each other

B. To initiate sex

C. To fulfill an obligation

D. To express negative feelings

2. How often do you show your appreciation to your partner?

A. Every day

B. Often

C. Occasionally

D. Rarely

3. Do you know what your partner’s favorite activity is?

A. Absolutely

B. I think so

C. Not sure

D. I have no idea

4. Do you ever put your partner’s needs before your needs?

A. Often

B. Sometimes

C. Rarely

D. Never

5. Do you ever tell your partner what signs of appreciation you like?

A. Yes, and they follow my advice

B. Sometimes

C. I haven't tried

D. They should know it without me telling

6. Does your partner notice your proofs of love?

A. Always

B. Sometimes

C. Rarely

D. Never

7. What is quality time for you?

A. Focusing on each other without watching TV or using smartphones

B. Having a walk together

C. Watching TV while having a conversation

D. Having dinner together while watching TV

8. When did you last buy a gift for your partner?

A. Just the other day - I usually buy their favorite sweets

B. Last month

C. For their last birthday

D. I can't remember

9. You take your partner’s car in for an oil change. What motivates your action?

A. Love

B. A desire to help

C. Obligation

D. Resentment

10. How often do you compliment your partner when they cook your favorite food?

A. Always

B. Most times

C. Sometimes

D. Rarely

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