Is Your Number of Sexual Partners Above Average Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 591
Is Your Number of Sexual Partners Above Average Quiz
As humans, we are always comparing ourselves to other human beings to see how we match up. Our weight, our success, our lifestyle, and anything in between. This also applies to our sex lives and how we score when it comes to the number of partners we’ve had. Is your number of sexual partners above average? How are you supposed to tell? Is there a specific number that is average? Does it truly matter? Everyone is different, and there is no one that could say what is not enough or too much sex. Whatever you do with your life is your business. However, there are general averages that do exist if you were interested in comparing solely based on the number of partners. Take this quiz to find out if you are within the average, above average, or below average.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do your numbers compare to your friends or other people your age that you know of?

A. I think average

B. I would say my number is a bit higher

C. My number is lower than most people I know

2. At what age did you lose your virginity?

A. Between 18 and 25

B. Before age 18

C. Older than 25

3. How would you describe your attitude towards sex?

A. As long as I am comfortable with the person

B. The more, the merrier

C. Only in a committed relationship

4. What is your age?

A. 22-35

B. Over 35

C. Under 22

5. Are you currently in a relationship?

A. Somewhat

B. No

C. Yes

6. Are you currently sexually active?

A. Yes, with my partner

B. Yes, with different partners

C. No

7. What is the number of sexual partners you have had in your life?

A. Between 8 and 11

B. 12 or more

C. 7 or less

8. What is your sexual orientation?

A. Straight


C. Something else/I don’t feel comfortable answering that

9. Do you have sex primarily with men or women?

A. Women

B. Both

C. Men

10. How would you classify your sexual behavior?

A. Average

B. Indulgent

C. Reserved

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