Is My Sex Drive Normal or Not Quiz

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Is My Sex Drive Normal or Not Quiz
Every person has a different amount of sexual energy that they consider normal. Throughout life, that may fluctuate and range on a spectrum from very high to relatively low. You may notice such libido changes in your current life situation and ask yourself, "Is my sex drive normal?". The change might be making you question your health or your interest in your partner. It is entirely normal for you Read more to experience changes in your levels of sexual interest and desire. But if you or your partner have been dissatisfied with specific changes, it may be wise to consider if something is off. Take this quiz to gain some insight into the subject. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you noticed a drastic change in your libido recently?

A. Yes, I have lost interest in any sexual activities.

B. There is a slight change, yet it does not seem to affect my relationship.

C. Yes, I want to engage in sexual activities all the time.

2. Does that change affect your partner’s or your satisfaction in the relationship?

A. Yes, both of us are struggling with my constant sexual urges.

B. Yes, both of us are struggling with my lack of sexual desire.

C. No, we enjoy our relationship just the same.

3. Do you have sexual fantasies?

A. Yes, I often think about different intimate scenarios.

B. No, I rarely think of any sexual activities lately.

C. Yes, but they are very frequent and vivid.

4. How do you feel about masturbation?

A. It is a healthy way of releasing sexual energy.

B. I have not done it in a long time, I have no interest at all.

C. I do it way too frequently which is starting to worry me.

5. How about sex magazines or porn?

A. They make sex even less appealing.

B. I can look at them for hours and it gets hard to get unhooked.

C. I might look into something out of pure interest, but I prefer live intimate contact.

6. When having sex, do you manage to reach an orgasm?

A. Yes, I have no problem with that.

B. Yes, and I am capable of going again.

C. No, I seem to have lost all pleasurable sensations whatsoever.

7. Does your pursuit of sexual interests and behaviors get in the way of your everyday life?

A. No, it only adds more color and satisfaction to it.

B. No, as such interests and behaviors do not exist for me.

C. Yes, I never seem satisfied and look for sexual pleasure in the wrong places.

8. Do you feel like you are able to stop, or start having sex whenever you want to?

A. No, I seem unable to control my urges and may even engage in risky behavior.

B. No, I am unable to have satisfying sex.

C. Yes, I can control myself.

9. Do other people notice something unusual about your sex drive?

A. No, there is nothing out of order to be commented on.

B. Yes, my partner and friends often make comments about the lack of it.

C. Yes, people at work or my friends note that it seems out of control.

10. How often do you have sex?

A. I rarely have sex with my partner, and if I do, it isn’t pleasurable for me.

B. I want to engage in sexual activities every chance I get, yet my partner feels like it is a bit too much.

C. I have sex with my partner regularly.

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