Is My Marriage Over Quiz

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Is My Marriage Over Quiz
One of the most heartbreaking things about a relationship has to be when a relationship in which you've invested so much in is now over. Some don't want it to be over, so they stay in the relationship just to have their self-esteem affected every day. Others are more realistic and just accept to leave just to start having a peace of mind. Do you think your marriage is over or still it has some great days Read more ahead? Take our quiz and find out now. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. When was the last time you’ve planned holidays together?

A. Last year

B. Last summer

C. 5 years ago

D. You have yet to do such a thing

2. Do you believe that your partner is currently cheating on you?

A. No

B. Yes, you are very suspicious of it

C. No, but he has done so in the past

D. Yes, because he always cheats on you

3. Does your partner even answer your calls anymore?

A. Yes, of course they do

B. No, and you have no idea why

C. Yes, sometimes.

D. Not anymore

4. Do you find your partner rude most of the time?

A. Yes

B. Not all

C. Yes, especially after a big fight

D. Yes, and it often feels like they don't love you anymore

5. Do you try to talk things through with your partner sometimes?

A. Yes, always

B. Yes, because you care for them

C. No, it's not worth it

D. No, too proud for that

6. How does your partner react when you try to talk things through with them?

A. Very aggressive

B. Wants nothing to do with you at this point

C. Yes

D. Yes, all the time.

7. What do you mostly argue about with your partner?

A. Money

B. The house

C. The kids

D. Everything

8. How often do you think of leaving your partner?

A. All the time

B. Several times during the month

C. Several times during the year

D. Never

9. When was the last time you’ve fought with your partner?

A. Last night

B. Last month

C. Last week

D. You can't really remember

10. When was the last time your partner has been affectionate to you?

A. Last night

B. This morning

C. A few months ago

D. You must admit that it's been a while since he's done so

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