How Much Does He Love Me Quiz

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How Much Does He Love Me Quiz
You already know that you're in love with him, but do you ever wonder if he feels the same way? Trying to figure out if his feelings match yours isn't always easy, but you deserve to know how deep his love for you is. Aside from just asking him how he feels, there are other ways for him to express his love. Is he affectionate? Does he put you before himself? Do you constantly ask yourself, how much does he Read more love me? If so, take this quiz to find out just how much he cares. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he give you positive affirmations in the form of compliments?

A. Yes, he is very considerate of my feelings and often compliments me

B. Sometimes he tells me I look good but I'd like more of that from him

C. He never really gives me positive feedback

2. How often does he make an effort to see you?

A. He tries to see me every single day

B. He has a busy schedule but he tries to see me on the weekends

C. He only makes an effort to see me when it best suits him

3. Does he let his guard down and share his personal feelings and experiences with you?

A. Yes, he is very open and comfortable confiding in me

B. He doesn't share much and he's very guarded

C. Occasionally he will open up to me but I wish he would do it more often

4. If he won a $500 prize, how do you think he would spend it?

A. He would splurge on a fancy night out for just the two of us

B. He would probably buy himself a new video game console

C. I hope that he would consider me but I'm not sure what he would do

5. How often does he tell you that he loves you?

A. He never really tells me he loves me

B. He says it now and then, but only after I say it first

C. He tells me he loves me daily

6. Has he ever made you feel inadequate or unlovable?

A. There have been numerous times when he's made me feel less than desirable

B. No, he only uplifts me and makes me feel special

C. There have been instances like that but I always forgive him

7. Do you feel safe and secure in your relationship?

A. I do feel very content where we're at right now

B. I feel fine but sometimes I'm worried that he'll leave me

C. I'm always feeling uneasy in my relationship

8. Aside from just words, how does he show you that he loves you?

A. Through constant physical touch

B. He buys me lots of presents

C. He only says he loves me but he never really shows it

9. How often does he talk about the future with you?

A. All the time and he includes me in his plans

B. He never discusses plans with me

C. He will occasionally talk about the future and where he sees our relationship going

10. Do you trust that he only has eyes for you?

A. I somewhat trust him when it comes to faithfulness

B. I feel like he has a wandering eye and often finds other women desirable

C. I absolutely trust his faithfulness

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