Do I Like Him Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1944
Do I Like Him Quiz
Sometimes it can be hard to figure out your feelings, you think you like someone, but you just don’t know. Or you want to like someone, but you don’t? Or maybe you don’t want to like someone, and you do? Liking someone can be the worst or the best. It has so many highs and so many lows; it can be frustrating and awful and feel like you are walking on air. Take this quiz and discover where Read more your heart is. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you wanna do with him?

A. Nothing really, I mean I’d go to a party with him maybe

B. I want to jump his bones, haven’t I made that clear!

C. Eat pizza and maybe play a game

D. Just spend time with him, doing whatever, I want to be around him more and maybe cuddle too

2. What’s the best thing about him?

A. His body

B. He’s just really cool

C. Wow, I don’t know, so many good things, he’s just great

D. Don’t know, never thought about it

3. When you are together, do you enjoy it?

A. Oh yes. Totally!

B. Don’t know, it feels okay

C. Well, who wouldn’t love to look at him

D. Totally, he’s so great to hang with

4. When you say his name to your friends, what happens?

A. Nothing, should something happen?

B. Well, sometimes I moan a little

C. I can’t stop smiling

D. I mean nothing really, but it’s not like a bad thing

5. When you think about him with someone else, what do you feel?

A. Oh I feel sick a bit

B. Jealous, that should be me!

C. Oh I don’t really care

D. I don’t care much, long as he’s still down to hang

6. What do you do to get ready to see him?

A. I make sure I look super sexy

B. I change outfits a lot, I practice things to say and a lot more

C. I get a whoopee cushion ready to put under his seat

D. Nothing, I just see him

7. When you see him, what happens?

A. Nothing, I see him I guess

B. My stomach jumps into my throat/my heart feels like it’s flying/I blush

C. I smile, I mean he’s great

D. I have to stop myself from jumping on top of him

8. How do you spend time together?

A. We joke around a lot and just talk

B. We talk and sometimes when we get quiet we just stare at each other and smile, it’s just nice to be around him honestly

C. We don’t spend much time together, and when we do, I try to think of stuff for us to talk about

D. Staring at each other while I imagine him naked

9. How often do you think about him?

A. I mean sometimes, but not much

B. I think about his body a lot

C. Whenever I see something funny, I just wanna send it to him

D. When I wake up, when I go to bed, when I see something I think he would like, when I eat something that reminds me of him, so a lot

10. Has he ever made you nervous?

A. Well, yeah, he’s super-hot, it’s intimidating

B. Not really, I mean he’s so cool and nice

C. No, why would he?

D. Yeah, sometimes I worry I will sound totally idiotic when I talk to him

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