Copy of Before You Get Married Quiz

10 Questions
Copy of Before You Get Married Quiz
Getting married is a big step in someone’s life. Of course, there is always the option of a divorce, but this situation is not desirable. Ending a marriage comes with psychological trauma, expenses, splitting finances, deciding who gets the couch in the living room, and so on. Not to mention how complicated the situation gets when you have kids. If you want to avoid the trouble of breaking up with a Read more spouse and starting all over again, make sure you marry the right person in the first place. This quiz will let you know how well-suited you are with your partner. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. How much of the time do you feel happy with this person?

A. More than 90 percent

B. Around 70 percent

C. 50 percent

D. Rarely

2. You are running late. What is your partner’s reaction?

A. They call and ask me if I am OK

B. They call to tell me the dinner is getting cold

C. They don't even notice

D. They make a big scene when I get home

3. You have put on some extra pounds. Does your partner support you?  

A. Yes, they propose exercising together

B. Yes, they remind me I should exercise more and eat less

C. Not really, they sometimes make me feel uncomfortable about the issue

D. No, they don't notice or worse they mock me

4. Does he or she ever try to limit the amount of time you spend with other people?

A. Not at all, we have fun separately as well

B. No, although my partner is a bit unhappy when we are not together

C. Yes, sometimes

D. Yes, often

5. Have you ever noticed a red flag in your relationship?

A. Never

B. Not sure

C. Once

D. Multiple times

6. Do you feel comfortable around your partner?

A. Yes, I can reveal my bad habits and weird parts to them

B. Yes, most times

C. Not really

D. No, I always feel like I'm walking on eggshells

7. How do you find their little quirks?

A. Adorable

B. Funny

C. Well, just little oddities

D. Annoying

8. You disagree on a topic. How do you solve this problem?

A. We agree to disagree

B. We feel disappointed but avoid fighting

C. We eventually start a fight after trying to compromise

D. We resume straight to fighting

9. Do you agree on the number of kids you want to have?

A. Absolutely

B. More or less

C. Not really

D. We haven't discussed about this yet

10. Do you feel excited about this relationship?

A. Yes, very much

B. Yes, most times

C. So-so

D. Not really

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