Am I Happy In My Marriage Quiz

10 Questions
Am I Happy In My Marriage Quiz
It is important for someone to check whether they are comfortable and happy in their marriage after years of marriage. That’s because there is no point in continuing a marriage where you feel unhappy every day. You deserve some happiness too, no matter what people think about divorce. That’s why weighing the pros and cons of your marriage after a while is very healthy for you. So, are you happy in your marriage? Take our quiz and find out now.

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you been away on a holiday trip more than 3 times?

A. Yes

B. No

C. No, only 2

D. Yes, but more than 3 times

2. Are you sad when you are in public with your spouse?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. Yes, but it has nothing to do with them

3. Is your spouse ashamed to be seen with you in public?

A. Yes

B. You think so

C. Sometimes, because they told you so

D. It's possible because they are very distant in publicrn

4. Does your husband constantly compliment you?

A. Yes, all the time

B. No, never

C. Yes, sometimes

D. When they feel like it

5. Do you offer gifts to each other?

A. All the time

B. Sometimes

C. No, because they are too expensive

D. You wish they could

6. Do you often organize parties with your friends as a couple?

A. Yes, huge parties

B. Yes, but it's rare

C. No

D. Yes, but you can't really call them parties

7. Do you have common goals?

A. Yes, of course

B. Yes, but not many

C. No

D. No, and you don’t have a lot in common anyway

8. Do you share the same life vision?

A. Yes

B. No

C. You wish

D. No, because your minds are somewhere else

9. Do you like competing against each other?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. It is possible

10. Has your life improved ever since you’ve been married?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Not at all

D. You are at your all-time low right now

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