Am I Being Sexually Harassed? Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 770
Am I Being Sexually Harassed? Quiz
Are you being put into uncomfortable situations by someone you are uninterested in? Do their advances continue after you have clearly passed them off? You should never be put into situations that you are uncomfortable with; you should feel safe in your environment. If you are questioning advances or wanting to clarify the situation you are in, take our quiz, “Am I being sexually harassed?” Get the answers you need to get to a safer and more comfortable space.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does anyone take photos of you without your consent?

A. Absolutely not

B. I’m sure it has happened

C. I have caught people doing it

2. Does someone keep ‘asking you out’ even though you repeatedly say no?

A. Yes, it is relentless

B. No, no one really asks me out

C. It happens off and on

3. Does anyone send you explicit and/or sexual content to your phone or computer?

A. I never receive those types of messages

B. My inboxes are full of sexually explicit messaging

C. I get a few, from time to time

4. Does the person enter your personal space?

A. Yes, they do. They even try to touch me for no good reason.

B. There’s a good distance between us

C. They will touch my shoulder sometimes/ They even try to check me out.

5. Does anyone touch you inappropriately without your consent?

A. No one touches me without my consent

B. There is someone that does occasionally / I am not sure yet

C. I am touched inappropriately regularly

6. Do your coworkers constantly talk about their and/or your sex life?

A. They talk about sex sometimes; I stay out of it

B. I don’t get caught up in that, and I don’t listen if they do

C. I feel cornered to talk about sex, even when I don’t want to

7. Have you asked someone not to touch you, but they persist?

A. I haven’t told them to stop yet

B. I have told them to stop, and they did

C. I know they will not stop!

8. Is someone saying sexually explicit things to you that are unwanted?

A. They whisper things or say inappropriate things to me privately

B. No one says explicit things to me

C. It happens occasionally, but I try to ignore it

9. Does your environment feel hostile?

A. Extremely hostile

B. It can become uncomfortable

C. No, I feel safe in my environment

10. Does anyone follow you around when you are trying to work?

A. One person will follow me sometimes

B. No one follows me

C. I feel stalked at work

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