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  • Youngmama242 asked
    how do I tell my husband I want him to shower before sex?
    ok so I feel like this seems kinda silly.. like I laughed at myself just typing the question lol Basically my husband is a morning shower kinda person, which I hate cause I dont like going to bed dirty. So majority of the time when we have sex its at night. I just really dislike having sex and especially giving him head when he’s been at work all day and got sweaty and stinky. Like dude your balls smell I dont want them in my mouth! hahaha im the kind of person that h as a good sense of humor and can totally talk about that kind of stuff buuuuuut my hubby would get so offended and whiny if I told him I want him to shower before sex. somehow he’d turn it in to a whole “you dont like me” “you think im gross”.. basically how should i approach this without hurting his feelings lol tonight I said “are you showering tonight?” and he said “noo? why you want me to?” as if he was totally offended that I even asked . i said “i just like having sex better when we both smell good! hahah” .... he didnt shower sooooooo here we are
  • Youngmama242 asked
    I’m so dissatisfied with our sex life
    so im 21 and and husband is 23 and we’ve been married for a year and a half. We started dating when I was 16 and had our son when I was 19. We used to have great sex! over the past 2-3 years things have really changed. My husband probably put on 100+ pounds and our sex life sucks. After having my son my sex drive went down just cause I was so exhausted. Our sex life became random quickies whenever he could convince me to. i think thats what really ruined it for me. I crave long, passionate, wild sex and he turned it into meaningless quickies whenever he got a chance. Now i love him so much but the weight gain has made me have basically zero sexual attraction to him at all. He used to be in great shape so he’s gone from one end of the spectrum to another... especially at only 23 years old. I try to make things more pleasing for me by telling him my favorite positions and things that I like but he never does any of it so i feel like he just doesnt care about pleasing me which takes all the fun out of it. Ive found myself craving other guys and fantasizing about sex with other people and I hate it! what do I do