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  • Xena69 answered a question on Mar 04, 2019
    Should I move on or be with my fiancé and get married?
    I dont think you should get married. From what story you told me. Arranged marriages hardly ever work. The only one to please is your self to be happy. Tell the Truth and get out
  • Xena69 answered a question on Mar 03, 2019
    I cant understand my feelings
    Marriage is a sacrament that two people take. Its a shame that people get married and think its a big joke. Some people should wait to enter into a marriage. Maturity is a Big Start. Xena69
  • Xena69 answered a question on Mar 03, 2019
    trust and telling the truth
    Truth makes a good marriage. On both ends. That is a big tool in a marriage. If you lie, cheat then the trust is broken. It does take a long time to build your trust up in your relationship. Xena69
  • Xena69 answered a question on Mar 03, 2019
    Should I stay with my wife
    If Love each other then go to a Marriage counsel to work out your pain. Xena69
  • Xena69 answered a question on Mar 03, 2019
    Why do I feel at constant competition with other girls after discovering husband’s secret porn addiction?
    Porn turns into cheating. Husband does not even havea clue how it hurts your wife. It is cheating . He is not sharing with you and what he is looking out. It does put a rench in a relationship. Makes the wife feel she is not loved any more. Its Dirty.Xena 69
  • Xena69 answered a question on Sep 14, 2020
    What should I do?
    Hope you left him by now. We can not let men do this to us wives girlfriends. Its wrong . 
  • Xena69 answered a question on Jan 28, 2019
    unsatisfying sex life, thinking about an affair
    First of all never lie to your wife. Go to conseling to get help for both of you. That will help both of you. Xena69
  • Xena69 answered a question on Jan 17, 2019
    Should I stay or should I go
    Respect went out the window with him. Can you amaging you doing that to him. I would never let a man treat me like that. Honestly if you can leave then go as fast as you can. Your husband needexs help . I am in a situation where my husband wont have sex with me. Different storty there. Marria good in what you do. Xena69
  • Xena69 answered a question on Jan 17, 2019
    Can you suggest me some tips on how to handle marriage problems?
    Happy Marriage. I would sit your husband down and ask him what he wants. Does he want a happy Marriage or not? He is being so ignorant towards you. Put your foot down to him
  • Xena69 answered a question on Jan 14, 2019
    pornographic material
    Counsel counsel counsel . Make the appintment and if he asked tell him you both have to go and save your marriage.. He needs help. Two years is just the beginning of a marriage. I wish you peace . Xena69
  • Xena69 answered a question on Jan 14, 2019
    suspecting him for 6 months and he's been denying, what should i do?
    What made you supicious of him? We all need more information on what caused this?
  • Xena69 answered a question on Jan 04, 2019
    How common is marital infidelity?
    Marital Infidelity is WRONG. They should wear a A on their shirt. I am so fed up with people manly men who think its ok to break your marriage with infidelity. . Believe me if I had a lot of money I would be gone, i can not go through this with the lies. I just wrote a letter to him to tell him that I knew what is going on. He LIED to me. I have ears. That did not help. I know I need help from a doctor. But its not me. I am not a bad person. I am so sad I have to stay in this toxic relationship.. especially when your wife is sick with a chronic condition. I am crying while writing this. I have no help w my relationship. My family is no help . I get very depressed and its getting worse.
  • Xena69 answered a question on Oct 20, 2018
    Husband is addicted to porn!
    I think porn leads to infidelityruining your marriage. With the constant trashy porn. Let him know hes making you uncomfortable . Nip it in the budd.
  • Xena69 answered a question on Sep 04, 2020
    My SO can't finish inside me
    Maybe take care of him sexually first. There are books, internet for different positions to spice it up in the bedroom.
  • Xena69 answered a question on Oct 20, 2018
    How do I feel confident in myself after husband’s cheating and porn usage?
    Respect is not in your marriage. For your husband to call you that is like a slap in your face. I know all men look at porn. If my husband said that to me I would ask him to get out. He is so in to watching porn he dont even realized what he said to you. It will break a marrage. Its breaking his vowels he said to you when you got married. Infidelity right in your home. If you dont like it tell him why. Ask if he wants to go to counsel. You should not have to hear that from your husband who says he loves you. That is a terrible way to have a Happy Marriage.
  • Xena69 answered a question on Oct 05, 2018
    I think my marriage is over. How should I break the news?
    8 years with a broken marriage that needs to be fixed. Do you Love her? Honestly with each other in a relationship is so imporant. Dont stsy if you dont love her. A baby does not need a father who dont want a relationship with your wife. Its not fair to the baby. No protection will give you a baby. ??? You should sit her down and tell her how you feel. You will feel so much better. But that is not all is going on. Its not right to be not happy in a relationship. Dont know how old you are. You have so much to learn about a relationship.
  • Xena69 answered a question on Apr 28, 2018
    Can a marriage be saved after several cases of infidelity have been confirmed?
    I wote my husband a note about his chatting with a women. I seen the chat. He came home from work and ingnored me all night. He went to bed but didnt say Goodnight. I know he is Mad but its the truth. I couldnt hold it in. Do you think I went to far. I do not want this in my house. It brings me much anxiety and sadness. Zena
  • Xena69 answered a question on Mar 10, 2018
    Marriage crumbling...what can I do??
    Yes. You both need to see a marriage counsel. If you want to save your marriage. Dont take Nofor a answer. Just make the appointment. It does help. If not a marriage counsel then a psycologist for both of you. Good luck to you. I hope you fix your marriage. Zena69
  • Xena69 answered a question on Mar 10, 2018
    Mean husband
    Wow. Yes, you should leave. I dont know if you work or not. But a husband should take care of his family.. YOU SHOULD not have to pay for any food. Its 50/50 in a relationship. I would not stay in that marriage. Its sad you have to live like this. Xena69
  • Xena69 answered a question on Mar 08, 2018
    How to deal with trust issues in my marriage?
    Trust issues will kill a marriage. But I have a good reason why I lost trust. My husband does not hide the cheating.. So its so hard to trust a man that says he wants to save our marriage. Then hooks up with a chick he met on line. I caught him talking to her this past week. I will ask him about this but he will lie again.
  • Xena69 answered a question on Feb 25, 2018
    Is it true that after marriage love ends and married couples seek other relationships?
    Some girls have different flavor of music. I hate heavy metal. Even in my younger years also. It sounds like you dont know your girlfriend very much. I dont know how long you been with her? With a relationship you learn alot from your boyfriend or girlfriend. Mine knew that I liked Rock. When we were dating. Fixthis69