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Marriage problems/ Relationship problems.
  • Xena16 answered
    How important physical intimacy should be in a marriage ?
    Did you sit him down and ask him why? Its important for a relationship to have a good sexual relatiionship. It does help the marriage. Xena16
  • Xena16 answered
    How can I get more aroused and have painless, pleasurable sex??
    Hi. I bought all the lubes and the inserts that make you more wet because of my age. THEY DO NOT WORK ALL THE TIME. Especially hard on me trying to spend all the money buying all the Lubricants was very expensive and a waist of Money. Especially when your husband is not intersted in you. xena16
  • Xena16 answered
    Husband is addicted to porn!
    Porn dirty Porn ruined our marriage. I am still going to therapy for this monster. xena16
  • Xena16 answered
    Should we fix or end?
    Sometimes its better to go your own way. give her some peace. Time away will bring you closer to your wife. That was a toxic relationship. professional doctors can also help Xena16
  • Xena16 answered
    Should a woman tolerate psychological abuse in a marriage?
    Mental abuse should never be in a loving relationship. Belive me Its mine over matter. I wont let no Man treat me like that. i have to much respect for my self. There should not be any Psychological abuse is terrible to go through in a relationship .Just feel I am going through Manipulation is so hard to go through in a relationshiop. Therapy and good doctors will help your broken marriage.. I know its not my Fault. I am a loving person you have to learn to work with a mental abuse with tools from your Theapist.. So sad that I had to write this. It really hit home
  • Xena16 answered
    Can't orgasm anymore after marriage
    Get help. Save your marriage. Xena16
  • Xena16 answered
    I'm 27, my husband of only 2 1/2 years says he doesn't love me anymore. What do I do?
    Stress can ruin a marriage. The best thing to do is you go to Therapy and get the tolls you need to deal with this. Pscologist will help you. Take care of your self. I thought if my husband is not getting help then why should I. But realized I needed therapy to work out my issues. Good Luck. I hope you find some peace. Zena16
  • Xena16 answered
    How do I ask my annoyed husband for help?
    That isCommunication. Lacking from it. Let your feelings out. Let him know how you are feeling. He is not a mine reader. Just ask for help He needs to realize you have issues. Do not hold in your Questions or wants.IT will wind up hurting you in the long run. Making you more sick. Start by telling him the truth on how you feel. Zena16
  • Xena16 answered
    Is cheating really part of a relationship?
    Cheating is wrong in a relationship of marriage. Your braking your Vows you took when you got married. Adultry!
  • Xena16 answered
    Should i believe my husband won't cheat again or should i just go now?
    wow. I stopped holding feeling and other things in for my health. It's pretty sad we have to feel this way in a relationship of marriage or even dating. At least you got I am sorry. I do not get that. Marriage is NOT about forgiveness. Its about LOVE and Respect. I myself is in a toxix Marriage. I told him to get out because of his fornication EVERY night talking to a chic and Lying about it over and over again. i was getting so sick holding this in I just had to end it so I can have some PEACE in the bedroom and all around. I had a anxiety attack holding it in. Xena16. . I know I need any Pointers or ideas on how to go thtough this. Xena 16
  • Xena16 answered
    How do I deal with a verbally abusive husband?
    Anger Management. I would not let my husband talk to me like that. You have to have respect for your self. He is not thinking of your feelings. If you can go home or go somewhere away from him of asking him to go to a marriage Counsel. I am going through a bad time with my husband lying to me. spousal abuse to me. Xena16
  • Xena16 answered
    How do you fix your marriage after youve cheated?
    You broke your vows when you got marryed. I think you should go to a therapist for help. he or she will help you figure out how to tell your husband. Maybe you should go by yourself. Good luck zena16
  • Xena16 answered
    Sexless marriage and sex outside marriage
    You comitted adultry on your husband. How could you do this to your family? Maybe you should of made a appointment at a marriage therapist that could help you and your husband. I hope you asked him why? If He needs help there are doctors that can help him. That does not give you the ok to Cheat on your husband. If your not happy in your marriage then get out. Ask for a divorce. DO NOT CHEAT ON HIM.
  • Xena16 answered
    Wife no longer seems interested in me
    You both are very young. Blessed with children. Please go to A Marriage Therapist or counsel. Respect works both ways in a relationship. Please get help even if you go by your self. Xena16
  • Xena16 answered
    Domestic violence facts mostly show women enduring pain. Why are women still ill-treated?
    I do not know if this is the page for abuse. My huband is a sex addict. Every night he chats with a lady and has sex chat. He took over my bedroom now I have a hard time sleeping with him because his left hand is always holding his male parts when I am laying next to him. This happened before and I threw him out. I could not take any more abuse. I have been sleeping on my couch so I can have some peace sleeping. He is unaware or just do not care I can feel his movement throgh the covers. The bed is not big so every movement you can feel. I have much axiety and stress beause of this. I am stuck here. I have no where to go. Xena16
  • Xena16 answered
    How to cope with depression in marriage?
    I know what is causing my depression . When your husband can not keep his hand off his private parts every night in bed. We been through this before and he is at it again. If you dont get depressed from this then their is something wrong. . If I bring it to his attention he makes it MY Fault and lies. I really need to leave but I have a dog, Its so hard to leave because he pays for everything. I am stuck in a hard place. Xena16
  • Xena16 answered
    Please tell me some of the books that can help me with marriage problems.
    The Bible. Talking to Crazy- How to deal with people. Women by Dr Toni Grant. These books help with Xena16
  • Xena16 answered
    iam afraid to show my true feelings and emotions to my new partner is thia normal?
    If you planning to get married. You need to be honest with your partner Before Marriage, This man adores you. There is no answer for you. But DO NOT GET MARRIED Feeling like this. That is a NO NO. Honesty and Trust make a marriage and you dont have it. Zena16
  • Xena16 answered
    Am I Overreacting?
    If you are married he is cheating on you. In a marriage is between two people who love each other. NO CHEATING is not suppose to be in a Happy Marriage. If you have no children then leave. Your not happy then leave if you can for your well being. i am in a toxix marriage now. i brought it to his attention and he denide it when I asked him if he had another cell? HE said NO. Every night he goes in to his drawer and gets his cell(that he lied about) He takes it in our bedroom and has cell sex all night. i am having a anxiety attack which is giving me pain in my stomach.. This happened before and I threw him out. i think he knows that I know and just dont care he is a sex addict. I want to leave but do not have a lot of money to leave, plus I have a dog. I have a breakdown when I go to bed at night because he does that in front of me while I am in bed. I think I am going to give him my letter. or rewrite it. It gets better. We go to therapy together. every Monday. if I bring it to his attention then he will say I am having hallucinations????? xena16
  • Xena16 answered
    What should I do in this situation ?
    Are you Married? Have children? if so. That is cheating. You cant worry about X. Take care of yourself and move on. She sounds clingy. Just need more information on your story. Xena16