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  • USCMiguel answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    What are marriage vows? What is their significance?
    Marriage vows are how you demonstrate you are commitment to your significant other. It’s a way to reveal how committed you will be. For instance you can vow to always be there for them, to support them through the good and bad times. Vows are important because you are telling them just before you are declared life partners that you will love them. More importantly those words you share are supposed to also be shared with God as it is he who is allowing this union of two people. Marriage vows can be seen as you telling God how you plan to do right by this other person if he should allow the union to exist. Many people see is as laying the foundation for the marriage. For example, people vow to always be honest, loving and spontaneous to keep their relationship full of love. They vow never to let anyone come between them and to be with them until their very last days. Vows serve as an outline of what you can contribute to a life of marriage.
  • USCMiguel answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    What are depression counseling techniques?
    Depression counseling techniques should be left to professional psychologist but there are common things people can do to help people dealing with depression. For instance, it may be important to be supportive during this tough time for the individual suffering with depression. Taking them to their first appointment with a psychologist might be seen as being supportive. Much in the same way there can be other ways to help with depression by simply listening to their problem and seeing if there is anything you can do to help make them feel better about their situation. Sometimes all anyone wants to hear is that everything will be okay. Other times people who are depressed don’t plan for the future as they are so stuck in the present situation. Perhaps planning a event for the future may help them see the bigger picture and be excited for something as small as going to go see a baseball game or catch a movie. Depression is not something that can be fixed with a pair of movie tickets and should always be handled by professionals but there are things any friend can do to help a friend in need.
  • USCMiguel answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    What are common relationship problems?
    Common relationship problems include but are not limited to trust, life priorities and family. Trust can easily be missing in a relationship and you have one person suspicious of the other. They try to be controlling and finding out where they are and who they may be with. They will also try to look through their computers and smart phones simply because they are missing trust. It can go as far as accusing the other of being involved with another person. That hostility is unnecessary in a relationship. Life priorities are a huge common problem. Often two people want different things in life. One might want a family and to travel while the other is focused on their career to buy a home. Sometimes there are people who need to have everything planned and people who just go about life randomly without a target. That can be problematic for a couple trying to build a life together. Family is also relevant and common because it’s hard to have a relationship with a person who’s family doesn’t enjoy your company. Their religion may be different or their customs may not agree with the other person. Likewise, family can create expectations for the significant other that may be unrealistic or impossible and it can result in creating friction in the relationship. It can be the reason why you may not want to visit your significant other if it means having to deal with their family.
  • USCMiguel answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    Tell me some great 50th anniversary gift items I can gift my parents.
    The Diva and I are thinking along the same lines here! Personally I would make a video presentation for my parents. I would take the time to interview my parent’s siblings, cousins and friends. Anyone who remembers when my parents started dating and have them recall their earliest memories or an inside story the family would find hilarious. I would couple those videos with a gallery of photographs that changes every few seconds of different moments in their relationship. For instance I would have their song playing in the background and the pictures change. Those pictures can include when they were each babies, teenagers, to those first few pictures of them beginning to date. I would include pictures of all the big moments in their relationship like their first grandchild or when they bought their first home all the way up to their wedding day and as current as that day’s picture you took that would be the final picture in this great chronological story telling.
  • USCMiguel answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    Tell me some awesome gifts for my girlfriend.
    Any time you buy a gift for your girlfriend you should always try to engrain that gift in her memory forever. You should take your girlfriend sky diving as it will be something she will never forget. Buying her concert tickets to her favorite musical artist would also be memorable. People always like to go for materialistic items such as clothing and jewelry but the environment in which you place yourself can be so much more important. Take her somewhere she’s never been or to try a restaurant she’s always wanted to try.
  • USCMiguel answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    Should same sex marriage be legalised globally?
    On one hand I would immediately agree that same sex marriage should be legalized globally. On the other hand, I can’t help but think of the repercussions that would be involved with declaring such a human right at a global scale. For instance, same sex relationships in Russia today are seen as abominations. Gay men are often assaulted in the streets for holding the hand of another man. It’s seen as a dishonor to their nation and history. Other third world countries would take it to more extreme measures. f women can be killed via stoning on the street corner where anyone can witness for dressing provocatively, imagine what they will do to two men or two women who want to marry. And by provocatively I meant, showing her ankles in public or not covering her face. It’s one thing to want to legalize same sex marriage globally but it’s an entirely different issue to provide protection or asylum for those people who will be murdered, injured or exiled for their sexual orientation.
  • USCMiguel answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    "Plan to propose very soon. Need creative proposal ideas. "
    Take your significant other to a place that is away from the city. Take them somewhere where the stars in the sky shine like never before. Such a place here in Southern California is Joshua Tree, CA. It’s a small national forest where you can drive in and camp. You can take your significant other with a few friends or family who you would like to witness the event. You’ll need a telescope. Find the perfect place to set up the telescope and start stargazing. Because Joshua Tree is so remote and far from the city pollution, the sky lights up and its breath taking. Meteors are constant. I would have my friends and family help by distracting her while I hang an engagement ring to the end of the telescope. I would then tell her I got a good view of the moon and that she should look at it. She would look and see something out of focus and yet glistening at the same time. She would try to focus the telescope but to no avail. I would then tell her to let me focus it for her and have her check the other end of the telescope. She’ll discover the ring hanging and there I’ll be on one knee waiting to ask the most important question of my life. This can be done anywhere the sky lights up at night. Family and friends can record the whole thing and witness something unforgettable. Make sure to take Champagne to celebrate.
  • USCMiguel answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    Looking for unique anniversary gift ideas. Please suggest.
    A great anniversary idea is to travel. Make it seem unexpectedly but surprise your significant other by preparing well. Obviously you can’t schedule a vacation for them but there no excuse for planning a good weekend getaway. Let them know you’re going out to dinner Friday night. They’ll dress comfortably and you’ll already have a suitcase in the trunk of the car with the essentials, plus a couple changes of clothes and footwear for any occasion. Drive in the direction of whatever city it is you’re going. Here in southern California that could easily be Las Vegas, Nevada, San Francisco, San Diego, or Santa Barbara. Just keep saying you’re almost to the restaurant until you can’t lie anymore and reveal the big surprise. Explain how you already have the hotel room booked for the weekend and have the day planned out seeing the town. Exploring as a couple is an amazing anniversary as you not only celebrate the history of your relationship but you also make new history in a place you’ve never shared before. It’s the perfect anniversary gift because it keeps on giving. It involves travelling, trying new food, new places, and making priceless memories.
  • USCMiguel answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    Is it possible to flirt without flirting?
    I'm with the Diva on this one ;-) It’s very possible to flirt without flirting; it’s something everyone does to varying degrees on a daily basis without realizing it. Flirting at its very core is to amuse another person. Although most people would reserve the word for when they are describing interactions with their significant other, or potential significant other, it still applies to regular interactions at school, at the office or at the store. For example, at school it’s very common to flirt with your peers. Often in a group of men there is always that one guy who is witty and can talk about any subject to anyone. That guy is often associated as being flirty but really, all he’s really doing is amusing others. In the office people tell jokes and amuse others for the sake of building bonds and having a good time. Before you know it their supervisors are fond of them not just because of their hard work but because they find them amusing. This was made possible with all those instances when flirting occurred without the two knowing it. It’s flirting without realizing its flirting. People who often engage their cashier at the store are flirting. People try to amuse their cashier as the cashier scans our food so it’s not so awkwardly silent. Or vice versa, a good cashier is often associated for being able to amuse us in those two minutes they are assisting us. Flirting happens.
  • USCMiguel answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    Is horoscope compatibility important for marriage?
    For a marriage to have any degree of success it must have compatibility. However, I don’t believe horoscopes have anything to do with a marriage. Yes, there are hundreds of people who read their horoscopes every morning and they go about their day waiting for that moment that their horoscope forecasted. For many, a horoscope sets the mood and theme for the day. This is silly in itself. Marriage compatibility is more influenced by where the person was born, their culture and most of all their personality. Unlike horoscopes, subjects such as religion, socio economic status, and intelligence are much more relevant for marriage compatibility. A horoscope will never have the influence of setting the mood and theme for a marriage.