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  • Tommy answered a question on Sep 14, 2015
    Is dating a married man ethically correct?
    Absoultely, NO!! Dating a married men is not correct anyhow. As the man you are dating will never be yours till the time he divorces with his wife or leaves his children. You are not a mistress that you seek love in a married man. And, how can you love someone who is not loyal to his wife, do you expect him to be loyal to you too. This is a pure case of infidelity. I agree that love cannot be measured, but you need to wake up and realise things before they can get worse. Don't just live for time pass, get real. 
  • Tommy answered a question on Sep 14, 2015
    Why long distance relationships are so short lived?
    This is very much true that not all long distance relationships survive and turn into marriage. Still people in LDR's try to make an effort to make the relationship last, as they are bound by love. It is definitely not easy to survive a long distance relationship,as both partners need to work upon their relationship by keeping connected with each other, communicating with each other and keeping sexual intimacy alive. In order to make the realtionship work, try to meet each other as frequent as possible, indulge in skype chats so that you can see each other. By adopting these methods you can denfitely make your relationship flourish.
  • Tommy answered a question on Sep 14, 2015
    Does indulging in dating after divorce correct?
    It happens that after divorce you start visting diffrerent dating sites and even date people to fill the void. But just to make yourself happy for short term is not the key to long term happiness. It is always said after divorce you should live for yourself and avoid dating people to just numb your pain. Though meeting new people and socializing gives you chance to live life on your own terms, but you need to keep control on your emotions as well. The most common reasons for divorce are infidelity, lack of trust and several others. Make sure that you do not let the bygones of past affect your present life.