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  • Tom_blues answered a question on Jul 12, 2014
    Will it be fair if I file for divorce?
    We are married in community of property , so biggest challenge is the division of property. We have a bound that is paid by him that goes through my account,this bond is a joint income property,so my problem is who will take over the house.I was granted a loan and I bought a taxi and claims that it is nt mine,he will be always telling me that the other car is not mine. I'm really confused.
  • Tom_blues answered a question on Jun 11, 2014
    Afraid- Please Help
    Addictions are very serious. If your husband is drinking a case of beer a day, while refusing to take his pain pills; it is apparent he is self-medicating. You should really decrease supporting the alcohol, as I can infer you are purchasing it from the store, since he was recently released from having back surgery.
  • Tom_blues answered a question on Jun 09, 2014
    She’s too fat!
    Your wife has lost some motivation in herself. As a woman, when your child are that old you cannot use them as your excuse to pack on the extra pounds. I have four children and made the choice to change after my husband loss interest in my sexually. He explained to me why he didn’t feel comfortable being romantically involved with me. It hurt more hearing the truth than wondering in speculation, why my husband would only sleep with me; when he was drunk. It probably wasn’t the best conversation our marriage has endured but it was the first hardest conversation our marriage endured. Good Luck!
  • Tom_blues answered a question on Jul 13, 2020
    What is your secret to happy marriage?
    Secret is not hidden at all. Its just a matter of being honest and sincere with your spouse. Two things are a must! 1. One should not try to hit on other girls/guys. 2. You have to make your partner believe that you are not doing what is described in point #1 and since you are not after other girls/guys, your partner is also not supposed to do that. And both should remain faithful to each other. Avoid all those friends who try to over mingle and pass this fine line in being a friend and a girl-friend or a boyfriend. just ditch all such friends