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  • Thylock asked
    Wife does not give blowjob
    It has been six years since we have been married , there have been ups and downs in our relation but recetnly things have been turn out really bad, I have always wanted my wife to go down on me but she feels disgusted , when ever i bring this up she over reacts and I would end up apologizing to her , few days back she was sick I took care of her , stayed up all night for her even though I had to go for work the next day, I know it was selfish of me but when she got better I asked if she can blow me , just for few and I promised her that I would not let a single drop drop on her face or mouth but she refused I was very desperate I wanted to have that feeling I have been longing for it for quite ling but she did not listen to me , we had a fight and I told her that I wont help her in her work and would not go above and beyond to take care for her like I used to do. I do a lot for her , I look after the kids when she goes out with her friends , I dont stay out late and always go home as soon as I am free from my office , give the kids dinner , put them to bed watch her favourite TV shows with her even though I dont like them but I dont get anything in return that I want , so I am not talking to her for lat 2 days and not much helping her , tell me what should I do ?