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  • Sunshine answered
    How much does an abortion cost?
    In the US an abortion normally costs between $300 and $900.
  • Sunshine answered
    Does couples counseling techniques really help?
    These techniques as all techniques only help if you seriously apply them. I´m convinced that for example all the techniques for a better communications really make sense. At least that´s what i experienced. It help us a lot.
  • Sunshine answered
    What questions about marriage should I ask?
    When I got married I really asked myself if we would be one of the 50% that are getting divorced. I´m happy that we aren´t part of this group. We had our hard times but that only made us stick together even stronger.
  • Sunshine answered
    How healthy is my marriage? How do I know this?
    If you have fun with your husband, if you talk frequently and frankly, if you have the feeling that life is better and easier with him, if you never seriously ask yourself if it would be better to leave, if you still have fullfilling sex and you don´t feel that it´s very different for your husband then you probably lead a healthy marriage.
  • Sunshine answered
    How can I make my marriage work better?
    I could ask my partner what he thinks about the realtion in general. Together we could think of improvements according to the desires and wishes of both.
  • Sunshine answered
    My wife cheated on me. What should I do?
    If you don´t want to leave her you should discuss about the reasons. Express all your pain and anger without blaming her too much. Try to rebuild trust step by step and if necessary ask her to do a therapy with you.
  • Sunshine answered
    What is the secret recipe for a happy marriage?
    Always keep in mind the first time you were together, the first words, the first kiss, the day you first met. Treat this feeling like a treasure and don´t let anything, not even your own thoughts destroy that gift you have in your heart. If you do so it is unlikely that you treat your partner badly and as your partner will notices that he will treat in a kind way, too.
  • Sunshine answered
    Can you give me some advice for a happy marriage?
    Of course you will not always be in heaven but when you treat each other respectfully, like real friends and never stop believing in the realtionship you will enjoy many happy moments with your partner.
  • Sunshine answered
    How to stop verbal abuse in my marriage?
    Express very clearly that you are not able to continue the relationship in that way. If your partner promises to change but after a while always falls back into old pattern consult a therapist. Abuse is a serious issue.
  • Sunshine answered
    Should a woman tolerate psychological abuse in a marriage?
    No kind of abuse is justified and acceptable. A marriage is not about abusing somebody, it´s about truly loving another person