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  • Sunbeam answered a question on Dec 28, 2018
    Will I get pregnant by dry humping with no clothes on?
    I kinda agree with Greyskies but not so vulgar! You need to get some serious sex education! I can't help but wonder, that since you're computer fluent enough to find this site, that you're jerking people here around! You found this site so you should know how to find appropriate sex education sites! Sunbeam
  • Sunbeam answered a question on Dec 28, 2018
    In a sexless marriage and want to reignite the intimacy. Not sure where to start
    Hi ChrisB! I'm in the same situation but I'm the female! Every time I try to approach him he often gets his back up saying that he's being blamed! Sometimes the professional councillors don't have the answers! I don't want to see any either! There are several posting about the same problems, all in long term relationships, but We're all over the site! I wish that I knew how to group us all together so that at least 1 of us gets at least some improvements! Good luck, hope your life improves, big time!
  • Sunbeam answered a question on Dec 28, 2018
    My wife’s complete lack of sexual desire is making me very irratible and unhappy, is it healthy to live like this?
    How are things going? I just saw your post & there are several of us, female also, in the exact same boat as you! We're all in serious relationships but also floundering as to what to do! I had just posted with another person wishing that all of us with similar problems could be grouped together so that possibly 1 of us can improve our situation! Mind you, no salespersons allowed like the snake person who responded to someone in the same situation we are in! I would've reported him if I knew how! Anyway, I truly hope that your situation has improved! Sunbeam