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  • SummerBreeze answered
    What's the harm in secret dating?
    Please, don't put yourself in a position you are not comfortable with :) If you already have done it find the way out saving everybody's feelings. Secret dating has no bright perspectives, unfortunately. If anyof you is in another relationship and you still have strong feelings, clear your relationship status first, then make the secret dating official :)
  • SummerBreeze answered
    Love, relationships and even marriages - why are they all so complicated?
    If it was easy it wouldn't be interesting :)) Complication is a state of life. If you make it easy, I'm pretty sure you shall lost interest in it. No need to believe me, try it for yourself.
  • SummerBreeze answered
    Are marriage workshops really helpful or just a waste of money?
    Yosemitefaerie gave a really good answer - you have to chose wise the workshop you attend. Otherwise it is just a waste of money and time.
  • SummerBreeze answered
    What are the best dating sites for married people?
    Don't complicate your life :) People here gave you good and argumented answers. Save yourself and your family the future situations you won't feel comfortaple in.
  • SummerBreeze answered
    I am 30 year old married guy and bored with my wife. How can I rekindle romance again in my marriage?
    Oh yeah! Make her feel she is your Queen and you shall quickly forget how bored you were. Will start asking yourself is it the same woman :)) Each of us reflects the attention and treatment recieved from others, to fix your romantic life fix your attitude first :)
  • SummerBreeze answered
    Need advice on dating and romance in married life.
    Keep your fresh smile for him and tell him how proud you are with his success, kiss passionate and cook delitions meals for him. That is the basic for a healthy marriage. Romantic could be cuddling as you watch a nice film, falling asleep in his arms, searching his lips in the middle of the night, turning the blanket over his sholders as he's sleeping. Little acts of kindness and care keep love and romance alive ;)
  • SummerBreeze answered
    "How can husband and wife sweeten their relationship?"
    Spend quality time together, no matter how busy your schedules are. And keep the fire burrning :)) Before letting him go to work in the morning french kiss at leasts 7 seconds, to give him a good reason to come straight back to you in the evening :)
  • SummerBreeze answered
    What makes a marriage happy?
    The bond you have makes the marriage happy. Love and respect. Trust and honor. And hot nights in bed ;)
  • SummerBreeze answered
    How can I make my marriage work naturally? Why does it have to be so hard?
    If it feels that hard all the time maybe that is not the right connection for you. In life things happen naturally, as you wish for your marriage, when they are good for us. When it takes all your energy and is not working, it is not for you or you are not ready for it yet. Both ways something else needs to be done before proceeding. Search for the signs around you and think what the lesson is in this situation. When you take the lesson, the situation changes.
  • SummerBreeze answered
    How can I find a marriage counselor in my area? I want to do this discreetly.
    Call your doctor for recommendations. It shall be a confidental conversation between a doctor and a patient. Will be bot discreet and reliable.
  • SummerBreeze answered
    What are the easiest ways of solving a marriage problem?
    The easiest ways of solving a marriage problem involve both partners working together on the issue :) Teamwork, cooperation, open conversations with strong empathy between each other, honesty, trust, respect. I think it describes pretty well what's needed to fix a marriage problem the easy way.The hard way is to try fixing it by yourself without searching for your partner's support which is not recommended.
  • SummerBreeze answered
    What is the secret of second marriage after divorce?
    People here are right, take it slowly and give yourself time to heal the wounds from your first marriage before starting a new relationship. In spiritual laws it is said that whoever comes is the right person and each one comes as a lesson or a blessing and both are good for you as steps to your growth.
  • SummerBreeze answered
    Is there one piece of advice that can save my marriage from divorce?
    You recieved really good advices, dear. Ask your intuition which one is the best for you. Often the answers are inside us but when we are under pressure we cannot reach them. So calm down, take a moment of privacy, relax and ask yourself "what shall I do now". I'm sure you shall recognize ti by the excitement you feel about it :)
  • SummerBreeze answered
    Relationship troubles are affecting my heath now. What should I do? I don't want a break-up.
    Take care of health issues then proceed with the relationship and its situation. I hope your partner is loving and caring and will help you step on your feet again. If it'smore complicated go to a friend's place to heal first, then will figure out what to do with the relationship. Health first and react immediately!!!
  • SummerBreeze answered
    I need some relationship guidance as I am going through a bad phrase of my relationship. Help!
    The good thing about phases is they come and go,nothing is permanent. So find strenth to sustain the situation you are going trough and know that soon it will be behind your back. Sending positive energy your way!
  • SummerBreeze answered
    Need free relationship advice on how to make my in-laws stay away from us? They are super annoying.
    Wise advice yosemitefaerie :)) Visiting your in-lows instead of waiting for them to pop up in your house is very clever! I may use it as well :) And serious discussion about privacy with your husband could help also. You may tell him that your mother will come visiting you as many times as the in-laws and he will find a way to deal with the situation really quick :))))
  • SummerBreeze answered
    Can I save my marriage with some guidance? Please share tips.
    Try to reach the girl you fall in love with. She is still there and remembers the boy you were in the beginning. Remind her what brougth you together in first place. Make her believe she is still loved, respected, desired.. you don't need me to tell you how to seduce your woman, right :))
  • SummerBreeze answered
    Need some guidance on marriage and family counseling.
    Same connection as with teeth and dentist :) You have a toothache, you call the dentist and make an appointment. You have a family issue - you find a marriage counselor and make an appointment. Both are professionals and relieve your pain ;)
  • SummerBreeze answered
    "Can a marriage counselor help us with our intimacy issues?"
    A marriage counselor could be of help with intimacy issues, I confirm. To allow the help needed it is very important to be honest with your therapist and to trust him/her. Maybe you or your partner won't feel comfortable sharing intimate details of your sex life in front of a third person but, believe me, there is nothing to worry about. Your therapist is a reliable and well educated professional. Just relax, provide him/her the information needed and let him/her do his/hers job :)
  • SummerBreeze answered
    Should dating for teens be allowed? Or should they just focus on studies?
    In our teen years we were dating. Now that we are parents we could encorige our children to be authentic, respectful, real. Yes, education is important and by providing them with the right attitude and consern we could make them responcible and conscious.