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  • So_diana answered
    What causes jealousy in a romantic relationship?
    There can be many reasons for jealousy. Some people are inherently jealous while some are not...Depends on the person.  The major reason for this can be presence of another woman/ man in your spouse's life. Apart from this can be trust issues, financial and other insecurities. Jealousy can take any form, that does not involve only breach of trust. It can be if you are insecure of your partner's looks. Also it can be if your spouse earns more than you. The solution to this to be aware (of your own shortcomings) see the situation for what it is, check your ego...That's the best way to handle this relationship problem. 
  • So_diana answered
    Love, relationships and even marriages - why are they all so complicated?
    Relationships are just complicated - no two people will have the same kind of relationship. We all are different.The first rule is never expect too much from the other person (or at least have realistic expectations). Unmet expectations often lead to bitterness in your relationship and only make things worse.  While, marriage is all about commitment that has to be equal from both partners. Know when is the time to quit. Love, relationships and marriages are all about hard work - it takes a lot of love, trust and respect to make things last a lifetime - they can get complicated. 
  • So_diana answered
    How should I understand what a relationship means?
    Relationships are an intricate part of a human being's life. There is not a soul in the world who loves to live in isolation - devoid of all relationships. Relationships, they nourish our lives and fill us with a sense of purpose. And everyone wants to enjoy the best of it. If you are lucky enough and have found that special someone who treasures you and makes your life beautiful, then make sure you respect that love and do your best to return that love back. 
  • So_diana answered
    How common is marital infidelity?
    Marital infidelity is the most common predictor of divorce. It is pretty common. To protect your marriage, develop a relationship that is strong and unshakable. Build intimacy, respect and communicate with your partner. If you're going through this right now, here's a piece of advice that can help your marriage survive infidelity.