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  • SHORT5 asked a question on Aug 27, 2015
    Are signle people more happy than married couples?
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    How can I save my failing marriage?
    It is great that you want to save your marriage and that you are asking for help. You need to take a very careful look at what exactly are the issues contributing to the failure of your marriage. Have you grown apart because you are both just too busy to spend time together? Is your partner abusive in any way, always insisting on having his or her own way, and always blaming the other person? Or has there been unfaithfulness? Once you have identified the root problems, you can go about addressing them, and get the professional help that you need. Keep asking till you get help. You are not alone and many people have experienced similar things to you.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    How can I have an affair and also not get caught? Tell me some smart ways.
    Having an affair is not smart and there are no smart ways to do it without getting caught. You may get away with it for a while, but sooner or later the truth will come out. If you have so little respect for your spouse that you want to be unfaithful to him or her, then you should rather do the honorable thing and get a divorce. Then you can be free to find someone else who is more to your liking. But it would be better if you learned the meaning of true love and faithfulness, otherwise you will keep on having affairs which will leave you empty and broken.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    I want to know some ways to save a marriage without counseling?
    In order to save a marriage, both partners need to realize that their marriage is in trouble, and both of them need to be motivated to do something about the problems. If you do not want to go to a counselor, then perhaps you could read some excellent books that have been written about marriage and marriage problems. It is also possible to work through DVD’s and workbooks which are available to deal with marriage issues. Having friends to share with who understand what you are going through is a great help.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    Is saving your marriage for years worth even if it's grounds are not strong?
    This is a question which only you can find the answer for. You need to weigh up what your marriage really means to you, what you would lose if you were no longer married, and what you would gain. Think of all the people who would be affected, such as children and family, and speak to trusted friends and advisers who know your situation. Do not take this decision quickly or lightly, so that when you do finally decide you will be at peace with your decision and you will not question yourself afterwards.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    How to overcome the pain in marriage problems?
    Marriage problems can indeed cause much pain which cuts deeply into your heart, even for many years. Pain is not something that will go away if it is ignored and pushed aside. The only way is to look carefully at your pain and address the cause of it. Get help and counseling for your marriage problems. If you are both willing to work on your problems and make changes in your marriage relationship, then there is hope that you will overcome the pain as your marriage improves. If one partner is not willing to change and continues to inflict pain on the other, then it may be time to move on.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    Why married people seek an affair outside the marriage?
    Some married couples think that having an “open” marriage where they are free to have outside affairs will keep their marriage relationship fresh and exciting. This is a lie. Any sexually intimate relationship outside of marriage undermines and destroys the marriage relationship. The only reason why married people would seek an affair outside the marriage is if they were not satisfied with their spouse and they think they need the excitement of being with someone else. This is very unfair to the marriage relationship and makes a mockery of their promises to one another.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    I am looking for some perfect engagement ideas that can make the cermony memorable. Need tips.
    The perfect engagement is one that is very personal and features the favorite things of your fiancée and the memories that you have shared together. If you are planning the engagement as a surprise, you could arrange for all your friends and family to gather at the restaurant where you had your first date. Get them to decorate it in her colors with a special bowl of her favorite flowers on your table. As you arrive (casually) with your fiancée, you could arrange for her favorite song to be playing, and then when she sees everyone there, you can drop down on your knees, kiss her hand and ask her to marry you!
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    What are the most irritating things about casual dating?
    The most irritating thing about casual dating is exactly that – it’s casual. Another word for casual could be superficial. If you want a serious relationship, or if you really start to care for someone, then you will begin to realize the emptiness of casual dating. The danger is that you may also become insensitive about relationships and pass by someone who might truly love you in a deep and meaningful way, simply because you have become so used to the “casual” lifestyle, while your chances of finding true and serious love may be slipping away.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    How to catch a cheating husband?
    Many husbands are experts at covering their tracks and somehow manage to live a double life when they are cheating on their wife. As a wife you probably know deep down in your heart that he is being unfaithful to you, but you just can’t prove it. You need to bide your time and keep your eyes and ears open. Tell a trusted friend or someone in a position of authority like your pastor, who can look out for you and cover for you. Sooner or later the truth will come out and your husband will not be able to deny it if he is caught cheating.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    I am looking for a friend. Can you tell me where I can make friends online?
    There are many avenues in which you can meet friends online, such as facebook or dating websites. If you research what is available in your area you will no doubt find several options. If you would like a friendship which is more than “virtual” perhaps you might consider exploring some possibilities in your local church or different hobby or sports clubs around the region where you live. That way you could meet likeminded people who share your interests and you would be able to develop face to face friendships. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative and ask someone to join you on a social outing.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    Are elderly women safe while dating on a senior dating website?
    Dating websites need to be approached and handled with great caution, no matter what your age is. It is dangerous to assume that you are safe just because of your age or any other factor. You need to be very careful as to what information you give out about yourself, and always let a trusted friend or relative know if you plan to meet up with someone you have connected with in “cyberspace”, so that they can have your back if you encounter something unexpected. Don’t let your desire for companionship override your common sense and discretion.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    Are websites like muslim dating polluting their religion?
    This depends on the attitude and behavior of the individuals using the website. Some muslim websites require disclosures regarding the strictness of adherence to religious practices. This could be helpful to those wishing to find a likeminded partner who shares the same level of religious fervor. For those not wishing to date outside of their culture and religion, a muslim website may seem to be the obvious choice. However, as with any dating website, extreme caution is advised as there are risks and dangers involved when you disclose information about yourself to a complete stranger.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    Are there any chances that can save a broken marriage? Please share some of them.
    The chances of saving a broken marriage would depend on the reasons why the marriage is broken. Both partners need to realize that they need to change and they both need to be willing to learn new ways of relating to one another. If they are both ready to work on their marriage seriously and regard their marriage as a precious relationship which is worth saving, no matter the effort involved, then there is hope. But they will probably need some help in saving their marriage. It is advisable to see a trustworthy marriage counselor or therapist.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    What is a honeymmon? Please tell some exotic places to explore.
    A honeymoon is a special vacation which is traditionally taken by a newly married couple to celebrate their marriage and to have time alone together to bond their relationship. Couples often choose an exotic or romantic destination for their honeymoon. This could be a chalet overlooking a secluded bay, or it could be a hotel room in Paris with a view of the Eiffel tower. What about a trip on a luxury cruise liner in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean? Or perhaps you prefer a secluded spot in the mountains where you can enjoy walks in the fresh air of the countryside.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    Please share some essentials to keep in mind for some awesome honeymoon tips.
    The main purpose of a honeymoon is to have a special time alone together with your beloved. If you can get away to some remote and romantic location, all the better. A honeymoon is also a time for building precious memories which you can revisit over and over in the months and years to come. So why not try doing something together which you have both never done before – like paddling a canoe down a river, or horse riding on the beach. Make sure that you ask someone to take photos of the two of you together, and when you are in your hotel room, ask for room service.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    How should I understand what a relationship means?
    A relationship is a living thing. Like every living thing it needs to be nourished and sustained. Just like a human being cannot survive without water, food and air, so a relationship cannot survive without communication and time spent together. When you are in a relationship with someone it is a learning experience everyday where you discover new things about each other. You never reach a point of knowing “everything” – you will always be on the lookout for surprises, and ways to make your beloved laugh and smile. A relationship is a journey which you share, walking hand in hand with the other person.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Jun 08, 2018
    I doubt my wife. How can I control my wife from having an extra marital affair?
    The fact that you are doubting your wife and wanting to control her are already two danger signals in your marriage. Please find a reputable marriage counselor or therapist who can help you both to work on your relationship, to work at meeting each other’s needs, and to learn how to communicate lovingly and effectively with one another. When your relationship with your wife is based on love and trust, where you both find your pleasure and satisfaction in one another, then you will not have to doubt or try to control your wife.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    Does saving a relationship from multiple chances of breakup makes it more lasting?
    It all depends on how the relationship was “saved” multiple times. If it was a case of “patching up” the relationship and just choosing to ignore problematic issues, putting them behind you and moving on, then they have not been dealt with properly and will continue to reoccur and cause trouble in the marriage. Just like a broken chair, if you tie it together with string, it will break again as soon as you sit on it and the pressure is on. A broken marriage needs to be carefully examined and deep healing needs to take place, often with the help of counseling, otherwise it will not last.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    How to resolve marital issues at a nascent stage?
    The nascent or beginning stage is usually the best time to resolve marital issues. It is often tempting to just let little things go, but over time they become bigger and bigger, causing much pain. So learn to talk openly to one another about anything that is worrying you. Create a safe atmosphere where you know you will listen to one another without becoming angry and defensive, and without withdrawing into stony silence. Give each other space if necessary to work through something quietly, but then set a time frame when you will come together again to communicate, forgive and carry on in love.
  • SHORT5 answered a question on Sep 28, 2015
    I love my girlfriend very much. How can I avoid relationship problmes between us?
    When you love someone, of course you want things to always go well. The tricky part about relationships is that they will not be smooth, and they can still be very rewarding. Bumps in the road are normal, and you should welcome the chance to grow together while you solve problems as a team. You can avoid serious problems in a relationship by establishing boundaries and expectations early on, learning good communication skills and how to make each other feel safe and cared for. Always practice patience and compassion for one another, and remember you are each other’s main supporter.