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  • Sanjusanju25 asked
    when i can leave my wife forever ?
    hii, i had an arranged marriage and married just 3 months ago & in these 3 months me & my wife had many aruguments fights. Even our parents involved to solve the things but doesn't worked, my wife said many wrong words and abused me and said wrong words and had great arguments with my mother also (my father left us for another woman and married her 14 years ago and since then my mother can't able to take stand for herself) i tried to explain her "it is not for a women to survive easily who's husband left her for another woman" but she took it lightly, i always tried to support & told what to do and what not to my wife (like- i told her things not to do- her aggression is very high i told her don't get anger, sometimes she uses bad languages and abuse me in joke, when she not hear the words properly without confirming the word she replies instantly which proved bad, she didn't remember the words she said for long and claims she didn't said it all----- i told her to do- get socialize with my family, she always used to live in bedroom instead to live with family members which is not favorable, try to remember the things, don't use ever such bad languages and don't ever abuse me, first hear properly then reply) all these kind of stuffs made my life like spoiled whenever i tried to clear the things thoughts she replied ( lecture, my head is spinning, headache etc.), her parents also supporting in some certain way..... now my mother also don't want to leave with her. me and my mother feels like stucked & life become like hell.... i want to leave her....any suggestions.....