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  • Sadsally asked
    What is my husband trying to tell me.
    Long story short, I caught my husband having a emoitional affair with a woman he works with. Finally after i gave him all the evidence that I knew what was going on. He finally admitted it after 5 days. Then we had a major blow up fight and he packed his things and left a few days ago. I've since talked to a lawyer and I've got all my affairs in order. I still love my husband with all my heart for some stupid reason and I think we can move past this, but i'm so hurt. he has come by the past two nights and had remorse and told me everything that had happened between them and he said he has ended with the other woman. He said he he loves and he said that its all his fault and we were in this situation because of him and he still loves me. Last night he said to me, " WE both need to take some time and see if we can come back together as a couple because he says he wants me to think clearly and know if i can can forgive him and and build our marriage back and he has think about if he can come back into a our marriage knowing how much he has hurt me. He is still telling me he loves me and he wants us to work and he will do anything to prove that. it sounded sweet last night and now that im thinking about it is he just trying to break up with me slowly ?