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  • Ruby answered a question on Jul 07, 2014
    Why aren't there any decent women out there?
    You need to look around and you will find many decent, sophisticated, intellectual, and beautiful women. You just need to get out of your virtually/artificially created world. The world is full of what you are looking for, alas your definition of decent is wrong altogether! My suggestions! Change your city. Meet new people. Go on a vacation to a different country.
  • Ruby answered a question on Jun 11, 2014
    Worried about my marriage
    I am gonna give you the best advice I ever got in my life when I was going through a bad relationship phase with my wife. That was 10 years back. We are happily married for 15 years now with 2 kids. So now ya back to the advice. Three words: Travel to Egypt. No kidding. It is a fascinating place and both of you will be just awestruck with the majesty of life. Take this trip: explore the pyramids, go for cruises in the river Nile and dive into the healing waters of the Red sea. Thank me later.
  • Ruby answered a question on Jun 08, 2014
    We’re on different planets!
    The only advice I can offer you, money isn’t everything. I lost my first wife to my selfish ideas of being rich. My overdriven characteristics of risking everything for another risk left us broke, divorced, and almost homeless.