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  • Priya1986 asked
    How important physical intimacy should be in a marriage ?
    I got married 10 yrs ago. It was an arranged marriage. My husband is very nice as a person. He is a very open minded person. I am given all the freedom and liberty I could ask for. Both of us love to eat and watch something on TV a lot. I though I was fine. Just have some issues like every married couple. But there are few things that I did not realize and paid enough attention to that I should have from day 1. Our sexual life is not good. Infact it should be said we never had any sex ever. In the beginning and untill an year ago we were having some small routin physical intimacy once in a 3 to 6 months because of his physical problem. I do not know why or how I was okay with it all along. Moreover, his behaviour, nature, body language everything is very childish, its like I am living with a 7 yrs old boy. I have zero attraction for him from day 1. But thought, its okay, he is a nice person. On top of that he has hearing problem so I always have hard time talking to him. I was always wondering, is our sexless and romance less life are going to affect our married life. It did. I got tired of telling him to do something about all these. But it was like talking to a wall. Finally I decided I dont want to stay in this marriage any more and declared seperation. But then I got weak. In these 10yrs he became like a child to me. I missed taking care of him. I missed everything that we did together. Also somehow I got convinced that the a normal matured person will always be confined or conservative minded and will be violent (physically/mentally). So I just stayed back. What do I do ? I am too weak and scared to break this marriage and jump into the new ocean of unknown. Also I dont know how to love and respect him like husband any more. I want to have kids but cant think of having them with him. How do I love him ?