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  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    Need free relationship advice on how to make my in-laws stay away from us? They are super annoying.
    Have you tried talking to your spouse about how you feel? Harboring negative feelings about your in-laws won’t be good for your marriage. You should also try every way possible to develop a sense of tolerance toward your family. If you just can’t get over your feelings, then talking to your spouse may help. They may be defensive about their family, so try to focus only on how you feel and not blame your spouse’s family for causing annoyance. That will only create a rift between the two of you, which could later be exploited by your spouse’s family if things aren’t going well between you.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    How to apply for online separation agreement?
    An online separation agreement can help you by providing the boilerplate language that is common to most separation agreements that are drawn up by divorce attorneys. A separation agreement doesn’t have to be filed, so don’t pay any filing fees online to enact it. The law sees your agreement as a contract, so all the rules outlined in that agreement are enforceable by law even before it has been submitted to the courts. When filing for divorce, having a separation agreement already in place is a great help, and it will certainly make things go faster and more smoothly.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    How can I find a perfect muslim girl for marriage?
    There are many ways to find the perfect Muslim bride for you, even if you don’t live near a large Islamic community, but you will have your work cut out for you. First, you can often find outstanding young women at lectures and conferences that are related to Islam or its traditions. There are also many fundraisers where eligible young ladies may be found. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family members for suggestions, as they will almost certainly be your strongest allies in this territory. There are also online dating sites where Muslims can interact and hopefully find that special someone.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    Are there any marriage separation papers that I need to fill in?
    Many people assume that in order to have a “legal” separation, they need to file legal paperwork. That isn’t the case, though. States have processes in place for divorce proceedings, and part of the long list of paperwork required includes the separation agreement. The agreement by itself, however, isn’t registered with the courts. The agreement between spouses – preferably written down – is enforceable as any contract, verbal or written. Most separation agreements include consideration of assets, custody, and support as well as other practical matters, such as visitation schedules and who will carry medical insurance for the children.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    Is there any checklist for marriage separation?
    There are several things most couples will want to discuss and possibly detail out in a separation agreement. A good checklist would typically include: • Who will live in the family home? What access with the other spouse have to the residence, if any? • Who will retain custody of the children? Under what terms? • How much spousal support and/or child support will be paid and by which party? Other questions that go on the checklist but are not part of the separation agreement include provisions for taking care of your physical and mental health needs, support and space to grieve during the separation.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    My marriage needs some serious saving. I don't want to lose this relationship. Please help.
    Marriages in trouble usually have one of two things going on. Either something traumatic has happened in the relationship or nothing much has happened at all for a very long time. Either situation can be worked out, and both would benefit from professional help from a qualified marriage and family therapist. With trauma such as infidelity or loss of a family member, remember that people react differently to different triggers and the outcome may not always be what you’d expect. People need time to heal and often seek professional help with processing severe trauma, such as the loss of a child or pregnancy.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Oct 30, 2017
    I want some expert relationship advice on marriage
    The best relationship advice for married people is to remember to be friends first. The forgiveness and compassion we afford our friends should also be offered to our most trusted confidante and life partner. To solidify the emotional bond of friendship, go and have fun together often. Do the things you did together when you first fell in love, and tend to your physical relationship with care. This kind of attentiveness will give you a solid foundation and a mandate to work things out when troubles arise. The bond of love, nurtured by trust and respect, will secure the best outcome in marriage.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    My husband and I have decided to get separate. Can you tell me how to use marriage legal separation?
    Once the decision has been made not to live as husband and wife anymore, a couple is legally separated. That is true whether or not they continue to reside under the same roof, which can give spouses the time they need to make other living arrangements without nullifying the separation. Most couples will also seek a separation agreement that details how assets are to be handled and addresses custody and support concerns. A divorce attorney can help you draft up an agreement, or you can hammer out the details for yourselves. Either way, having a separation agreement can help expedite the divorce proceedings.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    How does marriage counseling help christians who are trying to rekindle their marriage?
    Marriage counseling can help remind Christians about God’s love, and encourage the couple to express agape love with one another daily. There are many exercises a marriage counselor can assign a couple that can help them to improve their emotional bond and make life run more smoothly. God wants your marriage to be a source of joy as well as challenges, and a marriage counselor can help you reconnect with that joy in each other and in God. Just as going to church once a week can help you rebuild and rejuvenate your relationship with God, seeing a marriage counselor on a regular basis can help your marriage.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    Can I save my marriage with some guidance? Please share tips.
    Marriage problems can almost always be resolved if you’ve got two things: #1) both spouses have the will to make your marriage work, and #2) a qualified professional marriage counselor. Most people are shocked to find when they get into counseling that they will be asked to make a commitment to the marriage right off the bat. That’s because the commitment to make a marriage work, and both partners’ willingness to do some work, are required for a marriage to succeed. Other than that, all you really need is a qualified professional marriage counselor, and you will make a team that can save your marriage.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    Need some guidance on marriage and family counseling.
    Marriage and family counseling has something to offer anyone who’s experiencing a distressing home life. When problems at home become disruptive when you’re at work, or interfere with other relationships, it may be time to seek a marriage and family therapist for help. Although at one time, there was some stigma attached to seeking professional help with one’s personal relationships, now people tend to see relationship counselors as being the same as other trained professionals. When your car isn’t working, for instance, you take it to a mechanic. So when your marriage or family relationships aren’t working, you consult a marriage and family therapist for help.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    Can a marriage counselor help us with our intimacy issues?
    Intimacy is a core aspect of marriage, so most marriage counselors will be able to offer some degree of help in this area. It might be wise, however, to seek a marriage counselor who specializes in intimacy issues, as there may be additional help they can offer above and beyond what a typical marriage and family therapist can provide. Intimacy issues also may originate with other mental health issues or medical conditions, so be sure not to ignore any signs that there may be an underlying problem. Be as open and honest with your counselor as you can, so they can give you the best advice.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    Please suggest some trained psychologist for online marriage counseling.
    Most marriage counseling takes place in a face-to-face setting like traditional therapy. There are a few online providers, though, and they can also provide a lot of help. The way it works is that they’ll typically take information first, to gain a better idea what kinds of problems you’re facing and a little bit about your background. Then, they’ll assign you a therapist and establish a secure area online where you can communicate with your counselor. You can use your computer or another device to interact with your counselor in a safe, secure and private environment.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    I have been hearing a lot that marriage counseling services strengthens relationships. How can I seek for a therapist?
    There are many channels that can help you find the right marriage and family therapist. To find the counselor who can offer the right fit, most people ask their friends and/or family members who’ve been in marriage counseling before. A referral like this may be the best way to go, but there are other sources as well. Consider asking your family doctor or checking with your insurance carrier for a list of covered providers. You can also check with your church, mosque, temple or other religious facility (or your pastor or other clergy) to see if they provide any marital counseling.
  • PEREZ54 answered a question on Sep 22, 2015
    What is the value of christian marriage counseling?
    Many couples seek Christian marriage counseling when they want to be sure the advice they’re getting is in alignment with their faith. It makes sense that if you live a God-centered life, that you’d want to make sure God is a priority when dealing with your marriage problems as well. Seeking a Christian marriage counselor can give you peace of mind that your counselor understands your commitment to honor God’s intentions with regards to your marriage, and that they will help you to uphold your sacred covenant to one another. They may also reference scripture or assign readings that can help.