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  • Panimani answered
    Is asking love and marriage questions of any help?
    Of course. You become aware of your beliefs, desires and attitutes by asking yourself what love and marriage means to you personally
  • Panimani answered
    How can I have a happy marriage?
    A happy marriage is created by your willingness to fully commit yourself to your relationship and to take the responsibility.
  • Panimani answered
    What is the advice for a happy marriage?
    Make sure that you acquire practical skills to be able to love more profoundly.
  • Panimani answered
    Can you tell me some tips on how to create a happy marriage?
    Succeeding in love has more to do with becoming a person capable of loving than it is about finding the right person who will love us and meet all our needs perfectly.
  • Panimani answered
    Can you tell me how to make a marriage work for a lifetime?
    Our greatest freedom lies in deciding which of your choices you will give our time and energy. We can complain or we can create. One leaves you victimized by the events and circumstances of life, while the other allows you to learn from the wisdom in every failure.
  • Panimani answered
    What are the secrets to a long happy marriage?
    If you are able to set limits to your own ego from and to take a step back from time to time you will always be able to put positive energy into the relationship. Like this you build an upward spiral that allows you to improve every day.
  • Panimani answered
    How to have a good marriage life?
    Always make sure that you treat your partner as you want to be treated by him. Ask for his thoughts, dreams and needs and show him that you are willing to do your best.
  • Panimani answered
    What are the most frequently asked marriage license questions?
    What is needed to apply for a marriage license? May I apply for the marriage license and get married the same day? do I need a blood test? Must I apply for a marriage license in the county where I live?
  • Panimani answered
    Can you suggest some advice for a happy marriage?
    Never cut the binding thread that exists between you and your partner, never obuse his trust and always stay close to each other. Closeness is created by talking and spending time togehter.
  • Panimani answered
    How do I get out of an abusive marriage?
    Noticing and acknowledging the signs of an abusive relationship is the first step to ending it. The next step is to look for professional help.