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  • NOBLE54 asked a question on Nov 26, 2015
    How to get help from an expert? I want to get pregnant?
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    Can you give an advice for marriage that can help me lifelong?
    The best advice for married couples is to never forget that they are in it together and they must be a team. As anyone who’s ever played a team sport can attest, tensions between team members are frustrating, but they can be overcome as long as everyone understands the goals and purpose for the team. As a married couple, your goal should be to support each other and develop a long-term partnership where power and decision-making are shared, and each partner feels valued. The true purpose of marriage is to ensure a couple stays together through all of life’s trials.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    How to get pregnant naturally at the age of 50?
    Conceiving a child after the age of 50 is not unheard of, but it is very rare. Most known cases involve in vitro fertilization and hormone replacement therapy, but there are some documented cases of women over fifty getting pregnant, sometimes even with their first child. If you are over 50 and you want to get pregnant, you should only do so under the care of a physician who can monitor your health as well as your developing fetus’ starting before you even attempt to conceive. There are many risk factors for both mother and child when older womenget pregnant, so be sure you know the risks.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    How can I help myself to get pregnant?
    The best way to help yourself get pregnant is to monitor your menstrual cycle so you can pinpoint when you ovulate.  Ovulation times vary from woman to woman and even month to month, but there are general guidelines that can help you identify your fertility window.  You can also track your temperature using an ovulation calendar online.  This will give you detailed information about when you are most likely to conceive, based on your own individual body.  Be sure you’re having sex frequently during your fertility window, too.  The best time is the five days leading up to ovulation and the day of ovulation.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I really want to be a mother now. Can you give me some concieving tips.
    It helps if you have time to plan before becoming pregnant, since many of the tips that will help you conceive may take some time to fully implement, and even longer before their full effects are felt. That said, some tips for conceiving are: · Eat right · Get enough rest · Moderate exercise · Stop smoking · Stop taking any prescription medications that you can (consult your doctor) · Maintain a healthy weight · Practice meditation and other stress reduction techniques. A stressed body is less likely to conceive a baby, since it has many other issues to deal with.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    How to become pregnant fast and naturally?
    While there is no silver bullet to getting pregnant right away, there are some things you can do to help your chances. First, stop taking birth control early – long before you intend to get pregnant. Hormones need time to settle back to normal and make the body ready for conception. You may also want to stop taking certain prescription medications before pregnancy. Second, focus on optimizing your body’s overall health, as many systems in the body don’t function normally when the balance is out of whack. That includes eating right, getting proper rest and exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and proactively dealing with stress.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I lost my friend in an accident. Can you tell me how can I overcome his memories?
    When memories of lost loved ones cause us distress, there are several things we can do to deal with the situation. First, realize that you can’t push the memories away. They are part of you, and if they keep coming up, chances are there’s a reason. The best thing you can do to move through the painful memories is to fully accept and feel the emotional impact the memories have for you. Oftentimes, a memory can be fearsome because of how it makes us feel, but by accepting the feelings attached to the memory, we no longer need to keep reliving old experiences.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    Why can't I get pregnant? How do I know if I am infertile?
    When a couple has trouble conceiving, there can be many contributing factors, and it isn’t always easy to point a finger at a single cause. In most cases, you’ll want to consult with a fertility doctor who can run some tests and monitor your health to begin identifying the likely culprit(s). Some things you can do on your own include quitting smoking and following a regimen of proper diet, sleep and exercise. Along with maintaining a low stress level, giving your body the food, water and rest it needs to stay healthy can help improve your odds of conceiving.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    How can I take care of myself during the different stages of pregnancy?
    Each pregnancy is different, but there are some guidelines for taking care of your health during pregnancy.  One of the first things you should do is decide on a physician for your prenatal care.  Keep all of your appointments, even if it feels like they’ve become routine and bothersome.  Make sure you keep yourself healthy by watching what you eat and taking your prenatal vitamins. Exercise moderately, as long as your doctor says it’s OK, and be sure you’re getting enough rest, because when the body is stressed it doesn’t function as well, and that includes protecting your developing fetus.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I need some tips on concieving as I really want to be a mother. Please help!
    The best way to boost your chances of success getting pregnant is to track your menstrual cycle using a calendar, and choose an ovulation calendar from the many available online to help you determine when your fertility window is each month. The day you ovulate as well as the five days leading up to ovulation are the best times to get pregnant. Make sure you are having sex frequently during this period to increase the odds of conception. Other tips are to stop taking birth control far in advance of trying to get pregnant, stop smoking, maintain a healthy weight, manage your stress and be sure to exercise and eat well.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I want to get pregnant but my husband doesn't want a baby. How to deal with this situation?
    There are always reasons behind big decisions like whether and when to have a baby. If you want to become a parent, it’s important to first be on the same team as partners. Do you understand why your husband doesn’t want you to get pregnant right now? Is there a compromise that can be reached in regards to timing of the pregnancy? If you can’t talk about it without major arguments, consider seeing a couples counselor, who might be able to help you talk through your differences of opinion and come to some agreement about when it will be right for you to have a child.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    What are the ways that can help me get pregnant naturally?
    If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, there are some things you can do. First, check your lifestyle. Smoking, excessive alcohol or caffeine, and even some prescription drugs can make it harder to get pregnant, so try to cleanse your system as much as possible to improve your odds of conceiving. You should also make sure you’re eating well, getting enough sleep and exercise, and proactively fighting daily stress, as our bodies shut down non-essential functions when we’re stressed or unhealthy. Other than watching your health, be sure you’re having plenty of sex during your fertility window, which includes the day of ovulation as well as the five days leading up to it.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    What is the process of divorce?
    The process for divorce varies for each couple, and there is no easy set of right and wrong answers. Many couples will attempt a trial separation period long before divorce proceedings even begin. This can give the couple a chance to see if they really are happier and healthier living apart, and helps to establish some of the norms around financial responsibilities and custody. Other couples may start divorce proceedings while still sharing the same house, although this can get a bit dicey due to the level of conflict inherent in divorce. Each spouse must retain an attorney in most cases, and your divorce lawyer will help you understand the process and laws in your state.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    What is mediation for divorce and how does it work?
    Divorce mediators provide a service that can help some couples work out the details of custody and financial obligations prior to their court date. When relationships are strained, as in a divorce, it can be difficult or even impossible for the two parties to come to any agreements on their own, or even through their attorneys, whose job it is to fight for what their clients want. Divorce mediators can help determine where there is room for agreement and compromise, and what decisions will have to be left up to the judge. Both parties benefit when they can find a mediated solution, since they are easily tailored to fit each individual’s needs.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I want to know some pre pregnancy planning tips. Suggest some tips.
    When you’re planning to get pregnant, there’s a lot to consider. Adding a little one to your life will bring a lot of change. During pregnancy, you’ll need to take extra special care of yourself, since it can be a difficult time for many women, and you’ll be concerned about the baby’s health. Visit a few OB/GYNs to choose the right person for your prenatal care. Decide whether you will have a natural birth at home or in a birthing clinic, or whether a hospital birth is preferred. Stop taking birth control long before you plan to conceive, and make sure you eat right for your overall health.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I need some advice on marriage separation. Please help me out.
    Getting separated from your spouse is a weighty decision, and there are a lot of factors to consider. It’s also an emotional time for most people, and life can quickly get out of balance due to so much change and turmoil. When you’re planning to separate, make a list of some details that can help you keep calm and communicate clearly with your spouse about expectations, boundaries and rules. Financial details are particularly important to detail out, with clear designations for paying child care costs, mortgage or rent, tuition and medical bills. Be sure you live up to your commitments and hold your spouse accountable for his/her responsibilities as well.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    My husband and I are planning to have a baby. Suggest some good advice.
    Some of the best advice if you’re having a baby is to take time now to learn and prepare yourselves for what’s to come. Once the baby is born, there won’t be time to keep up on most of your regular activities, let alone learn new things. There are many good baby books out there, which will help you learn about things such as breastfeeding and child care. Be sure both of you have a chance to consider big choices now, such as where the child will be born, which prenatal doctor you will choose, whether to use a diaper service and how long each parent will stay home with the new baby when it’s born.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    What are the easiest ways to concieve?
    Natural conception is easiest to accomplish when you keep record of your menstrual cycle so you know when you’re ovulating. The exact point of ovulation does vary from woman to woman and even from month to month, but there are plenty online ovulation calculators that will help you determine your fertility window – or the period of time in which you’re likeliest to conceive. These are the five days prior to ovulation plus the day you ovulate. Also, it should go without saying, but be sure you’re having enough sex during that time. The more frequently you have intercourse, the higher your chances of getting pregnant.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I love dating different men. Can you tell me how can I get out of this habit as I am getting married soon?
    Dating around can be a lot of fun, but you can’t let old habits undermine your new relationship. Try to focus on what the purpose of dating really is, which is to find someone you can spend your life with. While it can be exciting to have the attention of several different men, and dating often provides added thrills of going to new places and having unusual experiences, think about ways you and your husband can continue to enjoy the parts of dating you both like. Plan date nights and make them a priority. It will help you keep learning about each other, which can keep things exciting.
  • NOBLE54 answered a question on Sep 02, 2015
    I need tips for boosting my fertility and getting pregnant fast. Please help!
    It’s always best to see a fertility specialist if you’re having trouble getting pregnant, but there are some general guidelines that can help most couples conceive. Some aspects of our Western lifestyle can hamper conception, such as being over- or underweight, smoking, or excessive caffeine and/or alcohol use, so avoid those pitfalls of modern life. One tip that most couples don’t know: don’t wait until during or after ovulation to begin trying. You can get pregnant up to six days before you ovulate, so you should consider broadening your “fertility window” to include up to a week prior to ovulation.