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  • Namnam answered a question on Apr 27, 2015
    Is it wrong to wonder if there's more out there?
    Hi there, The first thing that came into my mind was that you have a beautiful life, girl! You have a great husband, friend, confidant all in one. Plus, you mother in law is a source of support too. And great children too! Don't take all that for granted. I know you're young and the mind does sway and wish and long for other things. That's completely human. I think the things you stated about your mother in law is a bit tough and at times it must be getting frustrating for you too- I know you do long for things to be different with your hubby but understand that he's the only child and the mother wants you guys to stay as a family. She needs some kind of insurance as well - and that's her way of going about it. Talk to your husband, if you guys cant leave then you can plan short trips or do things on your own that will give you a lot of joy together. I think you can work it all out. Just speak out (in a nice way) and you will get your solution. Good luck :)
  • Namnam answered a question on Apr 09, 2015
    After 6 years of marriage my wife says right now she wants a divorce on 6 weeks who know, is she unsure what she wants
    I think its already great that you both are going for counselling. She seems to be unsure about things and is probably going through a phase. Give her time to think - since you both have kids and a life together and really as such nothing is wrong with the both of you, then its most likely that she will think things over and come back to you. Whatever it may be, it should be a mature and well-thought over decision. For this, please continue going for marriage therapy. It will help her - and you as well. A marriage is not something that can be broken off easily - surely she knows this too. It is imperative you take help at this point- it will help in establishing what she means by 'having missed things out'. If she feels that she has missed on things like doing work that she passionate about or taking a holiday, then she can do them now. What stops you both. I surely would urge you to continue going for counselling. All the best !:)
  • Namnam answered a question on Apr 08, 2015
    How I got my husband back
    I would say instead of playing this guessing game, you should talk to him directly and ask him what is going on. Already, you guys stay apart - you need to bridge the gap and be open with each other. Tell him of your insecurities and whatever you are going through. Of course, give him space as well so both of you can grow together. If you suspect anything, you must be open about it and address the issue.
  • Namnam answered a question on Apr 08, 2015
    Trust, should I, shouldnt I ?
    I understand what you must be going through. An incident like that can upset anyone. It's totally disgusting for sure ....but not siding him or anything; I guess this is just the way guys talk. I know it's totally annoying and cheap and he should not have done it ... But before getting all worked up, look at what you have and share with him. So many years of marriage, kids, a great love life and so much more. Plus, you admit yourself that you love him and he loves you too. Do speak to him that you do not appreciate such talk and dont expect him to do such things it hurts you and its just plain disgusting. He is a married man and he must always remember that. However, calling and believing that he is just a cheater waiting to happen is taking it a bit far. If he is really apologetic about his behaviour then let it go.
  • Namnam answered a question on Apr 08, 2015
    after 6 years my wife said as of today I want a divorce but in 6 weeks who knows. Is she unsure?
    Hi, What do you really mean by that? Why does she want a divorce ? Give more details please. Maybe people can help you out!
  • Namnam answered a question on Mar 23, 2015
    My wife wants to split up because i have lied to her about drug use for 5 out of 6 years of marriage
    I can totally understand how you must be feeling. I think you need some help and certainly you should reach out to your wife for it. It' def does not sound like you want to break up with her. In fact, you come across as someone who wants to work on his marriage and fullfil your fathrly duties. It is also clear that you want to end this association with drugs for good. You are headed in the right direction, my friend. Don't kill yourself over this now, I think that if you sought for professional help years ago or just confided in your wife and told her that you had a genuine problem but were determined to get over drugs, she would have helped you and trusted you . She 's feeling bad that you never told her and did this behind her back. It all boils down to trust in the end.... The best advice that I can give you is to go back to her, tell her of your intensions, tell her that you want another chance and that you will really work on yourself and get over this mess for good. If in the process you need to get admitted into a rehab or need a specialist , then do everything you can to make that happen. If she knows how determined and stong and genuine you are, she will surely reconsider her decision. Don't lose hope. Good luck
  • Namnam answered a question on Feb 25, 2015
    Should I trust her?
    Okay, now that sounds really fishy to me frankly. Just be open about it to her and ask her what is going on. I'm guessing before even marrying her, you had trust issues about her, which probably u did not feel the need to address then. Did you think marriage would solve it? If that was the case, then clearly the problem still persists. You should tell her - trust is a major component in any marriage and you need to feel comfortable about your partner. She needs to leave her past behind - and focus on nurturing the marriage now. Comments like 'I need to have more men' does not help. You should be irritated about it. Don't be afraid to speak you mind, or get pissed, She needs tp grow and understand what a marriage is and most importanly what your expectations are....Find out what she expects as well, as work towards that. That's the only way to make things work....unless you're in a different kind of an 'open marriage' situation where it's ok. Speak up, man and do what's right for you!  
  • Namnam answered a question on Feb 23, 2015
    what do i do when i am deprived of sex from my husband?
    Oh my God! That is like totally crazy. How can he do that to you? Please try and have an adult conversation with him that what he is doing is completely incorrect. Just because he goes to church and has some responsibilities there, does not mean that he has to eliminate sex from his life. Especially since this is the beginning of your marriage, sex is very important and you both need to nourish your relationship. Sit with him and explain that this is not some dirty activity that makes him unfit for church duties. He can fullfill both. Try and be understanding and patient. Find out if this the real cause of this problem or is there something else that is upsetting him? ....Good luck!