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  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    What are the signs of infidelity in marriage? How I should stop before it gets worse?
    Signs of infidelity in a marriage can be subtle or absolutely obvious. It is not especially helpful to overreact if you see one possible infidelity indicator. That said, if you begin to see a constellation of infidelity indicators, it may be time to act! Signs of infidelity include: - Intimacy behavior that is 'out of the ordinary' - Secrecy around the use of mobile phones - New apps and programs on computers and/or new passwords on existing ones - Unusual questions about your whereabouts
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    What's the reason for the stark rise of online dating among teenagers?
    In an increasingly frenetic and mobilized world, virtual dates can be just as tantalizing as legitimate dates. Teenagers have been raised with technology. With a keystroke, friends, acquaintances, and the internet universe are accessible. Inasmuch, teenagers cultivate vital relationship that are often “proxy” relationships. Given this immoveable reality, parents and guardians should talk about internet safety with their children and insure that these young people know how to deal with predators. It may helpful for parents to place stringent limits on their progenies online access.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    How is life after divorce for men?
    Divorce, in all cases, is a psychological adjustment for the parties. Many say that divorce is akin to the “tearing of flesh,” that is, the loss is painful and pervasive. Men, especially, often deal with the loss of physical custody of children which compounds the pain and grief. It is my belief that the most successful outcomes from men are often obtained when they are a part of a support group. Gathering with a group of like-minded men struggling in the aftermath of divorce is cathartic. Ironically, the financial status of men often improves after the divorce.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    How can I survive a divorce financially?
    You may not. The more contentious the divorce, the more devastating the financial impact of the divorce. When couples engage in a nasty divorce fight, thousands upon thousands of dollars may be soaked-up by the unsavory proceedings. Attorneys, glad to have your money in their retainer accounts, will occasionally encourage litigation so the “gravy train” will continue. Do not be ashamed to ask for financial help in the aftermath of a divorce. Also, there is no shame in filing for bankruptcy.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    What is a divorce settlement agreement?
    In a divorce settlement, the partners workout the parameters of the divorce – assets, debts, child custody, etc. – and present the settlement to the family court for review and approval. Divorce settlements mitigate the possibility of a long, litigious divorce proceeding marked by financial duress, long trials and uncertain outcomes. If at all possible, you and your estranged partner should craft a divorce settlement in lieu of a full blown litigation.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    How to move out of a relationship when I am unhappy in marriage?
    If you are unhappy in a marriage seek counsel from trusted friends and family therapists. Because of the assets, liabilities, and emotional weightiness involved in leaving a marriage, it is advisable to have a plan in place before making the move. Where will you leave? Who will handle issues with the children? What do you do about stuff and debts? It is so important to have a plan in place. That said, emotional and physical abuse cannot be tolerated. If it costs your mental or physical health or you are in trouble, leave immediately.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    What is a life after divorce for a women?
    While our relationships are vitally important, healthy self-love is the foundation of stability and sustainability. If you do not love yourself, you truly do not have the capacity to love your neighbor or your partner. Inasmuch, if you are healthy – if you love yourself – you will be able to weather life in the aftermath of divorce.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    I suspect my husband for having marital affair. How to catch him red handed?
    The best way to uncover an unfair is to monitor for changes in your husband’s typical patters. If you notice your partner’s secrecy around cell phones, longer work hours, and disinterest in intimacy, it is time to investigate the possibility of infidelity. Take a close look at your phone bills. Any long, repeated phone calls to an unknown number may be an indicator of a significant other. If you have a joint cell plan, get a copy of text records. Text tracing is a sure-fire way to catch a cheater red handed.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    How can I satisfy my unhappy husband?
    If your husband is unhappy in the marriage, encourage him to partner with you in creating a “partnership list.” Your list can include things like intimacy, honesty, sobriety, and fidelity. Be honest and take your time. List everything you can think of. Make sure you put everything in writing. This step will help you begin to deal with an unhappy marriage. Next to every item in the list encourage your husband to partner with you in determining which items are “must haves,” and which items are negotiable. Address the areas of agreeance first, and then work through the others on the list.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    How to cope with depression in marriage?
    Depression in a marriage can deepen other issues. If one or both partners is working through depression, support of each other is vital. Examples of support include active listening, encouraging words, and a willingness to help the other work through some of the tasks and responsibilities of daily living. If you or loved one is dealing with chronic depression, medical care is a must. Do not hesitate to seek the input of doctors, psychologists, and/or social workers. Please listen to the advice professionals offer to you.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    I need breaking up advice as I am living with my boyfriend. Please help.
    While breakups are seldom easy, sometimes they are absolutely necessary for your wellbeing and the health of your former partner. Begin by writing a list of the relationships assets and deficits. An extensive list of deficits is a strong indicator that it may be time to move on with your life. Remember, relationships are only as healthy as you are. If your boyfriend is physically and/or emotionally abusive, forgo the list and seek safety and good counsel. Anyone who threatens that the end of the relationship will cause trouble or pain for you is not worthy of your love and respect.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    I need help with divorce court costs?
    Divorce proceedings can be extremely expensive. If there is abuse in your divorce case, the family court may wave the costs associated with initiating the divorce proceeding. In some instances, the family court can provide you with an attorney and/or guardian ad litem if your situation necessitates these features. In most instances, however, you will have tom finance the cost of your divorce. Loans, family, gifts, liquidation of assets, and part-time work may be appropriate to help you with the often absorbent costs associated with ending the relationship through a divorce proceeding.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    I need break up help in my relationship. Will it help me in staying happy further?
    If your relationship has become a centerpiece of anguish and pain, it may be entirely appropriate to end the relationship. In some cases, relationships have become so enmeshed in co-dependency that partners are unable to distinguish their happiness from their partner’s. When your mantra becomes, “I’ll do anything for my partner,” you probably have already reached the place where you are rejecting yourself. Again, loving yourself is a prerequisite to having the capacity to truly love a partner. Step away, breathe, and begin anew.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    Give me some tips in resolving conflict in relationships?
    Conflict is a part of every relationship. If you believe your marriage has been conflict free, you probably have buried the conflict deep within your soul. How to deal with conflict? Begin by acknowledging that it exists. Using “I feel” language, be willing to articulate your concerns to your partner, and be open to their expression of concern, too. Using pen and paper, map out the areas of conflict and see where you and your partner have overlapping concerns. As you develop a plan to address these concerns, also take time to hone the partnership through dating, transparent conversation, and the like.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    I am going through a rough time in marriage. Need some tips to resolve conflict in marriage.
    So you are going through a tough time in your marriage? Recognize that others have been through rough times long before you. With this awareness in place, also recognize that folks have developed and tested interpersonal tools long before you. These tools, like counseling, active listening, exercise, and meditation can be used by you and your partner to create safe spaces for dialogue, rest, and a restoration of intimacy. Talk to friends who have been able to manage rough stretches in their marriage. What can you glean from their ability to manage and overcome the tough times?
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    What is annulment of marriage? How is it different from divorce?
    An annulment of a marriage is recognized by many judicatories as a legal writ that that says “This marriage was flawed and therefore never happened.” While it is extremely difficult to receive a marriage annulment, some individuals seek an annulment when they feel that they have been defrauded by a former partner. Further, some religious institutions provide annulments to partners who have been married with in their churches. Religious annulments tend to be very expensive and time consuming and are recognized by governments.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    How does conflict resolution in marriage help?
    Conflict resolution is designed to mitigate the possibility of full-blown interpersonal conflict. Using a third person, ideally a mediator, partners are encouraged to engage in meaningful dialogue intended to aid with decision making and resolutions. Conflict resolution teaches partners how to practice “active-listening,” through which they meaningfully listen to and affirm the points-of-view of the other. While mediation can be time consuming and expensive, it is a suitable alternative to aggravated, interpersonal conflict.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    How to give a chance to a unhappy spouse to be happy again?
    While the healthiest among us wish for our partners to feel happy and self-actualized, we are unable to feel for them. My point? While our words and actions may contribute to our partner’s malaise, we cannot “will” them to be happier or healthier. We can, however, affirm our partners when they take proactive steps to better their lives and mental health. It is also helpful to understand that relationships have an intrinsic “ebb and flow.” Some seasons are wonderful, while some can be devastatingly heavy.
  • MCNEIL5 answered a question on Sep 03, 2015
    Recently I flirted with a woman but now I am feeling guilty about it. How to cope with this feeling?
    We are genetically wired to be attracted to other human beings. Even the most faithful ones among us will occasionally succumb to the temptation to flirt with another person. Go easy on yourself, friend. If you are single person, you may want to see if the “connection” is reciprocal. If you are in a committed relationship, remind yourself of the commitments you made to your significant other. Guilt helps us maintain personal responsibility. Too much guilt, however, is paralyzing.