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  • Kleonrose answered
    Having a baby in a troubled marriage is a wrong decision?
    Yes, it definitely is. It could make your marriage take a further turn for the worse, and have an effect on the child as well. Your spouse could either grow to resent you and the child, or show the child affection which could end up making you resent the baby.
  • Kleonrose answered
    Why can people do bad things when they are bad and then good things are done while filters are in place?
    No it's not. Even if it's meaningless or just friendly flirting. Think about how you would feel if you knew that your husband was flirting with other women while you were away. Not so nice right? Don't do to him what you wouldn't want done to you. Besides, why would you want attention from other men when you have a husband? You got married because you chose him. Leave the others alone.
  • Kleonrose answered
    Can you help me save my marriage from divorce?
    The key to any realtionship is communication. You need to be open and honest with your spouse about everything, especially the issues that you're having in your marriage. If you guys can't sit down and talk without it getting heated, ask a counselor to be the mediator.
  • Kleonrose answered
    Do men need more divorce counseling than women?
    I don't think so. Women tend to be more emotional than men, so I believe that they're the ones who'll need more counseling. And I also think that women tend to be much more open to counseling than men to begin with, so they may be the ones who will utilize it.
  • Kleonrose answered
    How do I get pregnant after taking strict precautions?
    I would say to consult a medical professional. Only they can give you their expert opinions and run tests to see how best you should go about trying to have a baby. I would advise you to stay away from any kind of back door drugs or vitamins that are rumored to work but have not yet been approved by the FDA.
  • Kleonrose answered
    How to get pregnant fast after marriage?
    You should probably stop taking whatever birth control measures that you and your spouse had been using before you got married. In addition to that, seeing a fertility doctor would be pretty helpful as well, just to make sure that everything is in working order and in the right condition to have a baby.
  • Kleonrose answered
    How helpful is online premarital counseling?
    I'd say that it can be a bit helpful because it'll at least give you an idea as to how to handle certain issues that may arise. I would say to make sure that the source of this information be from a recognized and respected professional. Some people also believe that speaking to a priest or minister is very helpful, so you may be able to find some websites that offer that kind of service.
  • Kleonrose answered
    How can you get pregnant without intercourse?
    Although that's not a very traditional route to go, it is possible. Thousand of people have done it and it has been shown to yield great results.There's invitro fertlization and artificial insemination. You can do some research or consult a medical professional to decide which method would be best for you.
  • Kleonrose answered
    How to feel complete in life after divorce?
    Gettind a divorce can be one of the hardest things to endure in life. try to find things that you used to get joy out of doing. Whether it's reading, being active or spenidng time with old friends. Try to be the fun, exciting you that you were before it all went downhill.
  • Kleonrose answered
    How to keep a healthy relationship?
    Being in a healthy relationship is probably one of the most sought after things in life. I think that all relationships should be based on trust, respect, loyalty and communication. As long as you have those things, the relationship should be a healthy, open and honest one.
  • Kleonrose answered
    How to meet new people and make friends with them?
    Making new friends can be one of the most fun experiences in life, especially if you love getting to know people. You will have to go out and make sure it's to locations that'll have the kind of people you want to associate yourself with. Be friendly, but not desperate. Make sure to keep in touch with those people you do meet. Don't force it, let it happen naturally.
  • Kleonrose answered
    Is giving cash better than a wedding gift?
    These days, many people are starting to believe that it is, mainly because of the financial crisis going on in many countries. Giving money allows the married couple to get whatever they want. They can aslo use that money to cover the cost of the wedding or honeymoon.
  • Kleonrose answered
    Is horoscope compatibility important for marriage?
    To some people it can be, but to the majority of existing couples horoscope compatibilty isn't that important. As long as twpeople believe in their relationship and want it to work, it should'nt need the compatibility of horoscopes to let it be happy and long lasting. You do however need to be at least a little compatible.
  • Kleonrose answered
    Should same sex marriage be legalised globally?
    I believe that it should. People should have the right to marry and love who they love, not just in the US, but all over the world. With the exception of underaged children and animals. The law needs to be fair and the same for all adult human beings. It is their choice who they want to be with, so we should allow them that oppurtunity.
  • Kleonrose answered
    Tell me some awesome gifts for my girlfriend.
    Most girls tend to love makeup, perfume, clothing, bath and body products, bags and shoes. If you arent sure of what exactly to get, ask a sales representative about the best sellers. If you're buying online, get a gift card or voucher that way your girlfriend could pick out what she wants.
  • Kleonrose answered
    What are the early symptoms of pregnancy?
    Every woman's body is different and reacts to pregnancy differently, but here are the most common symptoms of pregnancy: Fatigue, vomitting, changes in the breasts, missed period, mood swings and food cravings. Although these could all be attributed to something other than pregnancy, they can be a good sign that you most likely are.
  • Kleonrose answered
    How to concieve a baby boy?
    You don't get to choose what sex you have. I thik it is possible to get the sperm cells which carry only the Y chromosome to be isolated then implanted into the egg, but I'm sure that this lengthy process is VERY expensive, if at all possible. Also it has to be done in a lab or medical facility, you need to be sure that you or your partner would be comfortable going through that process just to have a male child.
  • Kleonrose answered
    What are the best dating advice for women?
    These are the things that I tell myself when I know I have or my friends have upcoming date. You definitely cannot go wrong with it: 1. Be yourself 2. Set some standards- know what you want 3. Don't give 'it' up too soon 4. Have fun with it 5. Don't be too upset if it doesn't work out, there's plenty of fish in the sea