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  • Kendrell asked a question on Nov 25, 2015
    Can you tell me some best proposal ideas?
  • Kendrell answered a question on Sep 30, 2015
    Can you share some evergreen relationship advice for men?
    The best thing you can do is help your woman feel cherished and loved through actions, words, and affection. Find out the way she truly loves to be shown and feel love. If your partner becomes upset, a secret that will help you is that 9 out of 10 times if you just go and hug her with a love filled heart, she will melt. But most importantly listen to your woman. When she wants to talk or gets angry, hear her out and truly listen to her and what she has to say. Let her know you really want to know her and accept her completely including all of her messy emotions.
  • Kendrell answered a question on Sep 30, 2015
    Can you tell me how to fix a relationship?
    Fixing a relationship is not a simple task with a simple answer to say how one can be fixed. There are so many different reasons for a broken relationship. Most of the time one can assume that a communication failure is a huge contributor but more information is needed to determine a plan. Get some input from others who are involved in your lives if your partner and you can’t figure it out on your own. Or if needed see a marriage counselor to help you work through the issues step-by-step, but ultimately start with honest and humble dialog between the two of you.
  • Kendrell answered a question on Sep 30, 2015
    Can you tell me some unique ideas for beach proposal ?
    Tell her you want to collect shells and plant a clam shell with the ring inside. Guide her towards discovering it. Write it out in the sand within a heart. Make a fire and ask her to place a piece of wood on it that has “Marry me?” written on the piece. Make a large heart of flower petals laid out on a quiet beach and then propose to her while standing in it. Set up a romantic picnic and have the ring be at the bottom of her wine glass. Set up and light hundreds of votive candles in the words “Marry me?”
  • Kendrell answered a question on Aug 17, 2015
    How can marriage counseling be done effectively?
    For the most effective marriage counseling, both the people should be present in each sesson and willing to work out their issues. Both people must be honest about their feelings, fears, and wishes.
  • Kendrell answered a question on Aug 13, 2015
    What should I do to have a happy marriage?
    Both spouses should consider their partner's needs before their own. This doesn't work if one spouse is selfish and the other is selfless - this causes an imbalance of one partner constantly giving and the other constantly taking. A marriage is likely to be healthy if both partners are willing to sacrifice their desires to please their spouse.